Elisa 10 month s ago
'The Doctors made me wear a condom!' No, Bob, its HIV making you wear a condom ffs.
Ophi 10 month s ago
Anti maskers are aholes.
Addy 10 month s ago
get all of them to a country, build a wall around, and we will see what will happen 41
Joshua 10 month s ago

we've done that before. they come out after a hundred years yelling "G'day mate!"
Wallace 10 month s ago
Make tobacco illegal too. And while you're at it, outlaw alcohol, fatty foods, and all carcinogens too. Might as well make automobiles illegal to drive, and while you are at it, make all abortion outlawed.
Next, if you are not on a daily exercise routine, you pay a big fine! Over your ideal weight? DOUBLE THE FINE! Drive a car without airbags? Bigger penalty and more fines!!!

When does it end?
Agnes 10 month s ago
Drunk driving IS illegal. Not because you are drunk, but because you endanger others.

It usually ends when you stop putting other people in danger.

Though I am beginning to think sniveling little whiners should maybe be fined. Think how much better the world would be. Either lots of funding for needed projects, or a some relief from all those bed-wetting crybabies pissed off about having to think about someone other than themselves.
Roberta 10 month s ago
wow you must have been one of those people who just clicked the box without reading who you voted for...
the comment talks of outlawing alcohol and of automobile driving. BUT didnt say anything about drunk driving.

remember how long the last pandemic lasted?
and hospitals are literally rejecting people needlessly because they don't have covid. they tell you to sleep it off.

jealous much? that the lazy college kid is getting his loans forgiven while making $20 an hr working a retail job and being able to afford a ps5 with stimulus money, while a mother of 4 cant make it?
Reba 10 month s ago

I propose that your point is completely and utterly paranoid and missing the point. Let's have some clarity shall we? IT'S A TEMPORARY AND SMALL SACRIFICE TO MAKE SO THAT HOSPITALS ARE NOT OVERWHELMED SO PEOPLE DON'T DIE NEEDLESSLY. Is that clear enough? IT ENDS WHEN WE GET THOUGH THIS PANDEMIC
Faith 10 month s ago
I hope these people get to experience what living under tyrannical or dictatorial systems some day so they can realize how small a sacrifice they are being asked to make. The stupidity never ceases to amaze.
Rella 10 month s ago
Faith, I know, right? They act like this tiny inconvenience is literally totalitarianism. It comes down to the fact that these self centered people do not care one bit about any other person, but are ashamed to admit that’s the real reason, so instead they make a big show about how it’s government control. They know deep down it’s just them being incredibly self centered. I don’t hear any of them rebelling about the law requiring them to wear clothing, seatbelts, or no smoking laws, use baby seats, etc. A mask is no different - it’s for the safety and sanitation of a nation and wearing one is the smallest thing anyone can do in this pandemic.

Also, if these people had one ounce of empathy for anyone else, they would wear a mask voluntarily and there would be no need for it to be law. They are the entire reason it has to made law in the first place, which is comically ironic.

Ronny, based on their masks, they are definitely the angry ones. People who know that masks are needed are saddened by these out-of-touch people. They are the ones complaining about lockdown, but won’t do the bare minimum to help end the pandemic and that really is sad.
Ronny 10 month s ago
Why mask proponents so angry? The anti-maskers in the pictures are all wearing masks!
Asaph 10 month s ago
Ronny, Good that you mention it, you genius. I wouldn't have noticed. 36
Link 10 month s ago
#11 At first I didn't see the first y in tyranny. LOL! 41

20 That's the only police I agree needs defunding.
Masks For Anti-Maskers!