Hoda 1 year ago
#21 A ruined economy has been the outcome of socialism in every single instance it's been attempted, and it's always accompanied by brutal repression, torture, scarcity of everything, poverty, fear, persecution and loss of freedoms. For all of you who believe in socialism's promise of equality, yes it makes everyone equally poor and miserable except for the tiny group of tyrants running the show for your benefit. I'm from Venezuela, BTW.
Rella 1 year ago
Hoda, the flaws in socialism stem from dictatorship, not the idea of equality. I don’t agree with 100% socialist views, but when I pay nearly 40% of my income to taxes and can’t even be treated for basic injuries because of medical costs, I see an enormous injustice. And I make well above average as a contractor. God forbid I break a finger or contract COVID. And when all the murderers and rapists in federal prisons get free healthcare paid with my taxes, it’s infuriating. That’s absolute bs.
Roberta 1 year ago
still wrong. socialism doesn't work because of human behavior. Not because of one.
and thats the beauty of capitalism, you have a choice to work at a better biz instead of being screwed by your employer for healthcare. and you get over COVID with Tylenol and vitamins. Source myself and the nurses i contacted.

do more research. those aren't socialist countries.
Eleanor 1 year ago

I heard, putting lead into your anus will also work. Source not myself but someone who says he is smarter than science and medicine.
Jefferey 1 year ago
Bravo. The people who voted for soon-to-be-president Harris are constitutionally unable to understand what you've seen with your own eyes.
Greg 1 year ago
#8 now show people's faces who are forced to use Windows 10, who have no user-end control whatsoever, nor any say over the involuntary collection of personal data and preferences like updating their own computers. If 2020 had an OS, it would be windows 10, and if fascism needed a face in IT, it would be Microsoft.

#21 ...and there are elected officials who actually believe in socialism and how "it can work here in America." sm_80

#48 I see they're almost finished with Chuck Norris' [email protected]#k ring...they're making the mug to hold my morning coffee....is this Godzilla's engagement ring?...Rosie O'Donnel's cake mold?...(one more) Imagine if this was the One Ring and Sauron was to scale.
Mahala 1 year ago
Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Canada, Australia - all examples of failed socialist states.
But fine, socialism is not the answer - so what is?
Estelle 1 year ago
Con 1 year ago

Typical racist liberal.
Ced 1 year ago
Con, I agree with you. But, can we please get over the constant misuse of the word racist. It has lost all meaning. Just because my shoes are black does not make me a racist. Just because the roof of my house is "slanted" does not make me a racist! And, just because I believe that, if you break the law, you should go to jail, DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST! The fact that I despise anyone that wants to turn this country into a socialist state ONLY makes me a lover of democracy and capitalism.......NOT RACIST!!!
Hoda 1 year ago
Mahala, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Canada and Australia operate on a free market economic system, i.e., capitalism, not a socialist economic system, i.e., a non-free centrally government controlled system, otherwise known as socialism. You need to study and learn more. The Scandinavian countries are actually more capitalistic than the USA: no minimum wage, businesses can fire & hire indiscriminately, very competitive jobs markets based on talent & merit. The Scandinavian countries have a high social benefits systems that are payed by very high taxes, which are especially hard on the middle and especially lower classes. They are also have relatively small culturally homogeneous populations where people share a strong social ethical compact that discourages abusing & taking advantage of the benefits.
Tessa 1 year ago
#47 That’s why when people unfortunately hit them on highways, it’s almost always a totalled car and death. Males can weigh up to a half ton and females 800 pounds. I read that hitting one of these animals was like hitting a brick wall.
Essa 1 year ago
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