Patrick 3 year s ago
#24 this one is really strange and annoying. I'd gladly have a movie be five seconds longer if that is what it takes on include a couple of "byes" when phones are hung up. Try this yourself in real life and see how awkward and rude it feels.

#25 In real life hacking isn't as easy as typing what must be something like "login --security-override --nopassword", and those fancy download-boxes aren't there even when you're downloading without hacking. I understand it is done to save tima and look interesting on the screen, but still.

I wonder if all professions facepalm at how their work is portrayed on the screen. I bet they do!
Silas 3 year s ago
#11 programmer here. While programming, I avoid my mouse almost entirely. It's only when I switch to surfing on the web I start using the mouse. If a program does not have shortcuts for everything you do or has a command bar (macOs: Alfred, Sublime: cmd+shift+p, etc) it won't stay for long.
Silas 3 year s ago
Silas, ah yeah, for example - I'm so f@#king annoyed of having to use the mouse to copy & paste sh#t from the terminal to somewhere else... I don't know if iTerm does support some text-marking but I'm so used to switching to the mouse now... maybe I should google that lol
Silas 3 year s ago
Silas, f@#k I should have googled that earlier lol https://superuser.com/questions/93573/select-text-in-iterm-using-keyboard
Mark 3 year s ago
I've got one - happened recently in The Boys season 2. Mission successful but someone close dies - the other characters just walk off and leave the body there. uh??
Lincoln 3 year s ago
#16 We all know that seriously is bullsh#t. When the first lockdown ended I went in my local store for the first time is nearly 6 months, wearing a month. I'd been shielding for medical reasons, but they recognised me instantly.
Sandra 3 year s ago
#10 - "And the abusers are talked to, and the problems stop." Really? No. The abusers are talked to then find another way to get away with bullying.
Waldo 3 year s ago
#4 In real life, The high end funeral homes will supplies umbrellas for a fee if there will be rain at the grave side service. The funeral home buys all black umbrellas in bulk. Then hands them out at the door of the church or funeral home, before the drive to the graveyard. Then someone collects them before the people leave.
Women’s hair doesn’t grow on deserted islands, but men’s beards grow really fast.

Viewers noticed this paradox. No matter how many days a girl spends on a deserted island or in the jungle, her legs are always shaved, she doesn’t have any armpit hair, and she looks attractive even without all of the regular beauty procedures.

But men have a lot of facial hair just a few days after they stop shaving, they have this tropical suntan, and they are really dirty. They also start to look as if they were born in the jungle.


These Movie Things Never Actually Happen…