Sybill 1 year ago
Roseanna 1 year ago
And BBS's you could dial into, which were like far tinier versions of the Internet. More a local system with text games, files to download, message boards, quite a few other things.
Jeannie 1 year ago

thank you!

i had one from 1987 on.
Ora 1 year ago
1997 aol chat rooms w bot clients..you would get mp3s while they were still illegal. Before napster limewire, and IRC. first person burning mixes and booting xbox and ps1 games from blockbuster. Bought my honda civic at 16 paid in full.
Aquilla 1 year ago

IRC was created in 1990
Brian 1 year ago
The corporate take over of the internet. I so agree. The best part was no popup ads or tracking.
Alice 1 year ago
#18 your modem had nothing to do with your sound, if you changed your dial string to have S25=0 it would mute it.

Who Needs URLs Anyway?

"How AOL didn't use URLs. Every "website" had a keyword, meaning that every topic literally only had one website. I remember when Nickelodeon would constantly promote themselves on TV and said "Log on to AOL keyword 'Nick!'" meaning that that was literally the only place you could see Nickelodeon content."



Loading Taking Hours. Well, Minutes, To Be Less Dramatic

"Waiting 5 minutes to load one email page (AOL)...You've got mail."



Usenet Newsgroups

"Usenet newsgroups. I downloaded more stuff through that than any torrent sites now."

Waiting For Pictures To Load

"Trying not to blow your load waiting 30-50 seconds for a picture to load fully from top to bottom"



Everything Being Much More Complicated

"An email costing 5p. Every minute of being online costing 1p. Having to manually write http://www. Otherwise the website wouldn't load. Trying multiple times to log on using a dial up modem. Some days it just wouldn't work. The fact that you couldn't be online if someone in your household was on the phone. The agony when after logging on after 10 attempts someone in the household would pick up the phone which would instantly drop the connection."


Trying To Find Music. Unsuccessfully

"Mp3 sites where you'd click a link, and be transferred to a similar site... in which you should click and repeat the process, only to find nothing in the end. Some had names like "illegal-mp3s.com" or something."


Albino Blacksheep And Newgrounds

"Might be dating myself, but I guess what constituted as memes. Basically all of them could be found on albinoblacksheep or newgrounds. I realize it’s not the EARLY internet, but it was nearly 20 years ago in maybe 2002? I basically only visited those two sites and neopets..."



Stealing Internet From Your Neighbors

"My step dad made a ‘receiver’ to steal the neighbours internet out of a strainer covered in tinfoil. I’m sure there was more to it but that’s how my 12 year old brain perceived it."



Websites With Psychedelic Colors

"The idea that websites with psychedelic colors was a thing"

The Webpage Created By The Self-Proclaimed "Wisest Man On Earth"

"TIME CUBE. Look it up."



Sites Being Hierarchical

"Hierarchical sites instead of search engines"

Phone VS The Internet Dilemma

"Picking up a phone would kick you offline."



Usenet And IRC Shenanigans

"Usenet and IRC had a lot of weirdos on em. I was one of em."


"The Internet — 10 Years Ahead Of Its Time"

"The NABU Network was linked to a precursor of the Internet, operating over cable TV. It operated from 1982 to 1985, primarily in Ottawa, Canada. It has been called "The Internet — 10 years ahead of its time""


Early Internet Was Simpler… And Weirder