Greg 3 year s ago
Europe: "Here's what we think of America!"
America: "That's funny. We don't think about you at all."
Europe: "You always have guns in hand."
America: "Because your hands are always up in the air."
Lonzo 3 year s ago
Why is twitter so dumb???
Elvira 3 year s ago
Lonzo, it's not dumb, it's dorksey.
Max 3 year s ago
Are Europeans really this ignorant or is it only on the internet?
Abbie 3 year s ago
It's what american tv series teach us about american society. We also think that's ones in a while schoolchildren are getting shot by other schoolchildren while in school...... oh no, that's true.
Elswood 3 year s ago
Abbie, you mean like in Winnenden/Wendlingen?
Edyth 3 year s ago
many of those things like school start in august 7am start swimming pools are normal at least in central europe
Sue 3 year s ago
Yes, all of these exist, but every school is different. For example, some schools are outdoors and some indoors (halls and lockers), not every high school has a pool or a cafeteria or require hall passes, yes cheerleaders exist and are mostly comprised of the popular girls (not necessarily stuck up, but sometimes), rows of lockers are real, horrid food is real at public school, excessive dances is a regional thing that’s more common in certain areas.
Edmund 3 year s ago
#12. Only Americans spell metre meter. A meter is a measuring device, as in speed-o-meter or electricity meter.
Jehu 3 year s ago
What so many Europeans don't understand about America, whether talking about education or anything else, is that there are 50 states in the USA. Each state is sovereign and there is no set national standard for many things. For education, although there is a U.S. Department of Education, each one of those states has its own Department of Education that sets most of the standards and no two are exactly alike. In addition, in each of these states there are several school districts (or something similar) who make their own standards as well. Rules, lunches, start times, holidays, snow days, what time of year school starts or ends or even being year round, etc, etc.is all decided on a much more regional or local level. for example. if you see a picture of a school lunch, keep in mind that a thousand different school lunches were served around the country that were completely different, some much better and some likely worse. It is this way with many things in America.
Jahoda 3 year s ago
#1 It wasn't always that way. When I was in school it was after Labor day (September)
#2 Yes, usually popular girls, not all are stuck up
#3 No idea on that one
#4 7:30 here, and yes it is rough
#5 Hall passes required when class is in session. You aren't supposed to be in the hall you're supposed to be in the classroom
#6 Yes we have lockers, but more are going to laptops instead of books so maybe a dying thing
#7 Public schools yes, private usually not
#8 Not sure but it's true. I was in chess club, spanish club, and baseball card trading club
#9 E used to mean excellent (still does in catholic grade school)
#10 Yes, standardize tests are. Mostly used to determine federal funding
#11 Yes
#12 Depends. Areas not used to a lot of snow fall get canceled. States boardering Canada, not so much
#13 Sadly it's probably the healthiest thing on the tray
#14 Yes, churches and workplaces as well
#15 Yes, usually one large production a year with smaller ones as well
#16 Sadly yes, and always corn with the "pizza"
#17 American's eat terribly anyway but probably funding
Jahoda 3 year s ago
#18 I've had both. Pages when hand written, word count when using a word processor
#19 Yes
#20 Only in high school, the vast majority of kids start driving at 16
#21 We have nurses
#22 No idea
#23 I think our approach to learning is get a good grade, no other distractions
#24 I never did, but peg board on the wall was a thing
#25 We had an intercom system for that
#26 Yes
#27 Yes and nothing healthy in them
#28 Not in my area
#29 No idea
#30 In the upper east coast area it's a big thing
#32 We have terrible diets to begin with
American Schools Are Very Weird For Non-Americans