Laurie 1 year ago
#9 Stop complaining! It is a beautiful monument and like every famous place in earth it will always have beggars. In every country I had a chance to visit, their most valuable monument was full o people trying to get their pictures ... Just enjoy it.
Justina 1 year ago
#5 I agree, it isn't spectatcular at all. When I was in Berlin for the first time 15 years ago, I was very disappointed that they had done their best to purge the border from view – except for a hardly noticeable copper strip in the pavement where it used to be.

The separation and re-unification are part of my childhood and I consider them an essential part of German history. Finding almost no remnants of the wall felt horrible.

After a few visits and 15 years later, I have changed my mind. I understand that for Berliners, a constant reminder of their decade-long separation must be saddening – therefore, they removed nearly all of it. Everyone else (including myself) should respect that. We don't have to live there. :)
Monte 1 year ago
as someone from East Germany, I feel like your initial statement. There are many memorials all around the world that remind and warn us of bad times and Berlin would have had the space to keep some of it fully intact incl. the death strips. But everything had to go away. The copper strip does not give the right view of the oppression of the people who were told that the wall protects them.
Hopkins 1 year ago
There are some memorials scattered around the city. You just have to go look for it.
Sue 1 year ago
What a bunch of whiners girl_cray
Cissy 1 year ago
What surprises a lot of people seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time is the size. It's really small for such a cultural icon...30" x 21"
Claas 1 year ago
Cissy, I've heard that too. Seeing the pictures people post of the mass of people pushing to get pictures of that painting too has put me off any desire to see it in person. If I ever have the fortune to visit the Louvre, there's sooooo much more in the museum I'd love to see. I've heard it can take two days just to really see all the works of art without having to rush through it all sans the Mona Lisa mosh-pit.
Helena 1 year ago
It was the mona lisa. It was the eiffel tower. It was worth it...

The Space Needle in Seattle is a pretty big rip off anymore. it used to be cheaper once upon a time. A much better & higher view of the city and on a clear day the mountains can be had from the Columbia Tower (we call it the darth vader building) for half the price and your 72 floors up although it is not open air. I haven't been up to Seattle since the lockdowns but I worry that this has pretty much killed off all the neat little shops that used to make up Pike's Place Market. Forget a harbor tour and hop a ferry to save money too!

Disneyland is much better in the middle of the week and get there early when it opens. You go to a theme park or attraction, expect crowds though. There's better pictures of the Mona Lisa online than you can see or get in person. I've seen the crowds and it's horrible.
Edmund 1 year ago
#5. METRES, not meters. Meters are measuring devices. Use our language by all means, but don't rearrange the letters.
Anna 1 year ago
Yes Berlin! I was born in Berlin and lived their for 40(!) Years. Now? Nothing more then a multicultural sh#t hole.
Nando 1 year ago
Then welcome to south india and avoid tajmahal it is overhyped.

"Disneyland. Went there last year and the amount of people made me dizzy. Everything is overwhelming for me. I honestly prefer Universal Studios."




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