There Are No Limits To What You Can Find At A Thrift Store… (48 PICS)

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"My Hoarding Of Old Garage Sale Christmas Junk Finally Paid Off. My Sister Turned It All Into This Masterpiece"

"Not Crazy Weird But My Thrift Find Of The Day. I Couldn’t Turn My Back On Him So Home He Came With Me. His Name Is “2020”"

"I Thought This Was Beautiful. A Person In My Apartment Complex Was Throwing It Out And I Grabbed It With A Smile. It Is Wood And Extremely Heavy. I Will Be Polishing It With Orange Oil Later. What Do You Guys Think? Good Find?"

"My Grandma Spent Years Collecting Broken Pieces Of Jewelry From Family Members With The Hope Of Creating A Jewelry Christmas Tree"

"When she got too frail to make that dream come true, she gave me the box of jewelry. After she passed away, I finally sat down to create her dream. I remember her wearing some of the pieces and playing with some of the others as a kid. My husband thought it was fitting that the back of Grandma Dorothy's "D" pin was the hardest to remove as she could also be humorously stubborn"


"I Was Always Super Skeptical Of Facebook Marketplace, Then I Found This Giant Tardis Reading Nook For $50"

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"So This Happened Today.. I Work For A Major 2nd Hand Store In Australia, This Morning While Opening Up The Store I Stumbled Across The Corner Of This Woodburning Sticking Out"

"Immediately I knew it was my mums who i lost way back in 2005. I didnt even need to see her signature. So this is 29 years old and i couldnt tell you when i saw it last, closer to 91. Also im about an hr and a half from where my mum lived her whole life. My birthday was just 3 days ago and i definitely feel this was her saying happy birthday and giving me the gift of something she made. I feel so lucky and am pinching myself still."


"Totally Forgot To Share This!! Look At The Bookchair I Found At The Thriftstore Here In The Netherlands. And Yes, I Totally Bought It"

"My Beautiful Find On The Facebook Marketplace! I Could Not Love It More!"

"I Just Found This On The Side Of The Road. I Guess Out For Trash"

"I Love Stained Glass And Found This Piece In An Antique Mall. It’s My House Number!! Installed It On Our Front Porch"


"My Teenage Daughter Was Walking Through A Thrift Store When This Great Curved Mid Century Blue Couch Came In The Door"

"She sat down on it until the manager walked by to find out how much it was selling for. It was over the amount she had in her pocket so she sat on it until her sister came with the rest of the money. My daughter wanted to surprise me for Mother’s Day! When we went to pick in up the next day, the manager was so moved by my daughter’s gesture that it brought her to tears!"


"My Grandmother Made This Many Years Ago. She Passed In 2012 And It Is Now In My Uncle's Possession, But He Sent Me A Photo And Hopefully It Will Eventually Be Mine!"

"It's one thing I really looked forward to seeing at Christmas every year. It even has pieces that actually belonged to family members, including a boy scout pin from the 40s"


"My Favorite Mug. Got It At A Garage Sale A Few Years Ago"

"Helping My Friend Move Today And Scored This Little Beauty"

"Yall. This Is It! This Is My Greatest Goodwill Find !!! A Starwars Rocking "Horse" Queen Creek Az"


"Got This Amazing Shelf, With A Lamp Yesterday At An Antique Store In Buffalo, Mn. I Plan On Repainting It. Not Sure If I Will Do It All One Color, Or Make It An Alice In Wonderland Theme"

"Yes This Big Boy Totally Came Home With Me From Goodwill"

"I Ran Into This At A Yard Sale And I Had To Have It For All My Crystals. What Do You Guys Think. It Came Home With Me"

"Rescued Last Year From A Facebook Seller. $22. It Was Faded And Neglected, But I Brought This Sweet Vintage Santa Back To His Jolly ‘Ol Self With A Little Paint And A Lot Of Christmas Spirit"

"Before And After The Makeover! This Garden Dog Had Seen Better Days 10 Years Ago When I Found It By A Dumpster. The Florida Sun Did Even More Damage. It’s Spot On Now!"


"The Yarn Vest Of Rainbow Dreams! Found At Value Village For $10 In Ontario, Canada. The Endless Possibilities Of Future Halloween Costumes Made It Come Home With Me"

"Found This Unique Little Bulldog Sugar Bowl On Marketplace For $10, His Tongue Is A Spoon!"

"I About Squealed When I Found This Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Panel At The Salvation Army In Elk River, Mn For, Get This....$4.99! I Display It Proudly In My Kitchen Window"

"Probably The Coolest Chair I Have Ever Purchased! Twenty Bucks At A Yard Sale"

"Found These Beautifully Buggy Dishes At Goodwill In Ukiah Ca. Paid 2 Dollars A Plate And 1 Dollar Each For The Cups"

"Might be my favorite thrift find ever! Edit- wow! This post blew up! So thrilling. I love this group so much! Also I added a pic to the original post with the manufacturer's information. Happy thrifting wierdlings!"


"My Friend Added Me To This Group Just So I Could Share This Amazing Find From The Renew/Reuse Emporium In St. Thomas, Us Virgin Islands. Vintage Villeroy & Boch, Style Called “Acapulco”. I Am Wild About These Birds!"

"Was Wandering Goodwill In Elkton, Md Today And Thought I Recognized Soemthing...the Resemblance Is Uncanny"

"Our Neighbors Sold Us This Bike They Made From Different Bikes Welded Together On A Steel Frame. The Seats Are Boat Seats. They Named Her Frankie, And We Already Love Her!"

"Handmade Swan Centerpiece From A Giveaway Group Near Me. If Anyone Would Appreciate This It’s You Bunch Of Lovely Weirdos"

"Look What I Found For Free On The Side Of The Road!"


"Found The Most Amazing Stained Glass Window I've Ever Seen In My Life At Canyon Collectibles In Loveland, Co. Perfect For Spooky Season!"

"Scored This Evening Off Of Market Place. Mid Century Table With Geode Slices"

"My Son Scored This Awesome Beaker Head Sitting On The Curb. Now He Needs To Find A Lab Coat. He Is A Ver Happy Muppet Fan Right Now. Appears To Be Handmade, Very Well Done"

"From The Moment I Saw The Jazzy Rainbow Sparkle Sequined Biketards That Would Sporadically Grace This Page I Was Head Over Heels In Lurv"

"Found At Arc In Lakewood, Co. I Didn't Buy It And I Have Regrets"


"Sooo I Grabbed This Guy From A Man On The Way To Dump With Him!!"

"Sooo i grabbed this guy from a man on the way to dump with him!! Seems he used to be a dancing Santa but the electrical box was sent to dump and didn’t look like it worked. He is a great shape!! Just a few cobwebs and dirt lol. I was soooo happy to get this! I followed the guy to dump and said heyyyy can I have that? He squeezed Santa into my small trunk and now I am a proud owner of a wonderful black rare Santa"


"I Went To A Consignment Store In Naples, Fl Earlier Today And Out Front They Had A Goddamn Disco Elephant"

"Dream Find At Southern Thrift In Nashville Tn! I Found This Beautiful Crystal Ball For $8!"

"My Grandmother Passed Away Years Ago And I Was The Only Grandchild Who Helped Clean Out Her Home"

"I had just turned 16 and didn't have my own place for furniture or large pieces, so I chose this ring. It sure doesn't look like much now, but my Great Grandfather gifted this to my Grandmother on the day of her high school graduation in 1950. She earned a regence scholarship to go to college, but turned it down to get married and have a family. At 36, I still wear it almost daily as it reminds me of the amazing, stubborn, loving woman I got the pleasure of calling Grandma. I took it to a jeweler who told me it is cherry quartz and is so worn it has little value (don't care, I won't ever get rid of it)."


"First Time Poster Here! I Found These Beautiful Vampire Salt And Pepper Shakers At Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store For $2.99! I Adore Them And Now They Reside Above My Oven"


"I Found Him! Goodwill In Westerville, Ohio. I Definitely Bought It"

"Hello Friends! Here Are The Pictures Of The Fantabulous, Exquisite, Scandalous 1970’s Red Velvet Sectional I Purchased Today For $100. I Went Back To Goodwill When They Opened This Morning And Boom.... Here It Is. It’s In Fantastic Shape. I’m Thinking A Grandma Owned It And It Was Barely Sat On. However....i Have No Intention Of Ever Doing A Black Light Test Over It. So Happy This Is Making All Of You Smile. It Sure Makes Me Happy"

"I went back to goodwill when they opened this morning and boom.... Here it is. It’s in fantastic shape. I’m thinking a grandma owned it and it was barely sat on. However....I have no intention of ever doing a black light test over it. So happy this is making all of you smile. It sure makes me happy."


"Since Everyone Is Posting Their Cool Secondhand Couch. Here Is Ours Got This Beauty About 2 Years Ago At A Local Thrift Shop"

"Although Quite A Few Of The Items In This Picture Were Obtained At Thrift Shops Or As Gifts, The Bookshelf Is One Of My Favorite Finds From Fb Marketplace. It Was Handmade And Needed A New Home. It Was Free And Now It’s Mine!"

"I Just Got My Egg Plate Today Off Fb Marketplace...yay!"


"I Went To The Thrift Store To Find Some Work Clothing And Walked Out In This Beauty! I’ve Never Felt So In My Own Skin. I Wish I Could Wear It Everyday"

"This Is A Santa Portrait I Created With Thrifted Frame And Buttons, Shells And Miscellaneous Smalls"

"Found This Bootylicious Bottle At Veterans Thrift Store In San Diego"


Floyd 7 month s ago
Y’all know the significance of a golden fish to a Russian?

Who likes thrifty thrifts?
Telly 7 month s ago
#23. Nice Frank Lloyd Wright "May Basket" panel. But not original. Sells for $79 new even today. Still a great find.

#30. That Coke table and chairs are awesome.
Philly 7 month s ago
Yack Bee Lack
Jincy 7 month s ago
I love it all. I love thrifting. My husband grabbed a table out of the trash. He glued Jager bottle caps to the top and we painted the base. After that we started thrifting. I am happy with the various finds we have.



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