How To Troll Your Friends And Relatives With Christmas Gifts… (45 PICS)

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"My Gift From My Grandparents Today"

"Told My Boyfriend I Was Getting Him A Burger For Christmas"

""Shirtception" - My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We're Now At Level 7"

"How My Graphic Designer Sister Likes To Send My Christmas Presents"

"The Other Day My Dad Fell Off A 10 Ft Ladder And Through A Drop Ceiling. I Just Happened To Be Walking By And Was Able To Catch Him On His Way Down"

"This was the tile he went through and now his Christmas present is finished."


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"I'm 29 & Paralyzed From The Waste Down And I Got This From My 9-Year-Old Nephew Who's Named After Me"

"I Told My Husband I Just Wanted Some "Cr#ppy Earrings" For Christmas. He Delivered"

"My Parents Are Retiring And Want To Travel Full Time. My Brother Sent Them This Suitcase For Christmas"

"I’m A Marine Biology Student, And My Cousins Saw It Fit To Give Me Blobfish Slippers For Christmas. I Thought You All Deserved To Know About Them"

"Finished Wrapping My Sister's Present. It's A Necklace"


"I Asked For Art For My New Apartment This Christmas. May I Present “Butterflies”, A Painting From My Nieces Made Entirely With Their Butt Cheeks. Lovely"

"My Dad Has Always Been A Master Of Disguising Gifts, And This Year Drilled A Hole In A Piece Of Wood To Hide A Ring Box For My Mom"

"My Friend Is Terrible At Flirting. She Asked This Guy If He Liked Bread As An Opener And A Year Later They Are Together And He Made This For Her Christmas Gift"

"Every Year My Dad Gets Us Odd Religous Candles Around The Holidays. This Year He Really Outdid Himself"

"I Told My Father I Wouldn't Be Home For Christmas. Then I Flew 3 K Miles And Wrapped Myself Up By The Tree"


"Received An Appropriate Gift This Year"

"Got My Christmas Present Early This Year"

"Every Year I Try To Disguise My Sister's Christmas Present. This Year I Think I Went A Little Too Far"

"Gave My Mom This Mug For Christmas 2 Years Ago And She Still Has No Clue"

"My Wife Asked Me What I Wanted For Christmas, She's Crafty So I Told Her To Make Me Something. Couldn't Be Happier"


"My Friend For A Week Has Been Saying He Bought Me A Skill For Christmas. Well Today I Found Out The Skill"

"It's a locked box and a lock picking kit. Apparently my actual gift is inside."


""A Sense Of Purpose" I Dismissively Said, When My Sisters Asked Me What I Wanted For Christmas"

"So they got me a water-themed candle and a stuffed dolphin. You know, "a scent(s) of porpoise"."

"The Wife And Kids Christmas Present Is On The Tree And They Still Don’t Even Realize It"

"Every Christmas My Sister Gets Me A Weapon From Clue. The Collection Is Now Complete"

"I Bought My Parents A TV For Christmas But They Are Going To Think It’s Something Else At First"


"My Uncle Has Sent Me The Same Thing For X-Mas Every Year Since I Was A Kid And I Laugh Every Single Time"

"Every Year I Get My Family A Christmas Gag Gift Based On My Dog. This Year Its Replica Slippers"

"Our Family Has A 35+ Year Tradition Of Disguising Christmas Gifts. This Took Over 80 Hours To Build"

"My Girlfriend's Brother Got A New Suitcase For Christmas"

"My 11-Year-Old Son's Christmas Gift To Me"


"I Made These Flags As Christmas Presents For My Friends"

"My Co-Worker Told Me I Had No Holiday Spirit So I Wrapped Him A Gift"

"My Sister And I Call Each Other The World's Biggest Dork, Bought The Domain As A Christmas Surprise"

"My Sister Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Xmas. Her Boyfriend Must Have Misunderstood"

"The Blanket That My Husband Got Me For Christmas. It’s His Face"


"Saw The Jpeg On The Net And Said I Wanted It On A Gym Shirt. Here's My Late, But Great Christmas Present"

"Extremely Appropriate Xmas Gift My Grandfather Received"

"My Sister & I Compete For "Worst Present" Each Christmas. She Won This Year"

"My Friend’s Dad Got Him An Unfortunate Christmas Present"

"My Buddy Got This From His Wife For Christmas - She Wins"


"Every Year My Family Does A Secret Santa And Secret Satan And My Brother-In-Law Has Had Me For Satan For The Past Four Years Straight"

"I Wrapped My Brother's Present In The Cement"

"My Brother Bought Me Some Games For Christmas During Black Friday, Wrapped Them And Placed Them In My Shelf While Saying: Open These Up On The 25th"

"This is cruelty at its peak. They’ve been sitting there for a couple weeks now, looking at me, tempting my weak soul."

"Bought My Brother Tree Trimmers For Christmas, Built A Cardboard Frame Around Them And Wrapped Them Like This"

"I Lost A Tooth Earlier This Year. I Took A Silly Picture While I Was In The Gym. My Wife Had It Turned Into A Sock As A Christmas Present For My Mother"



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Roberta 1 year ago
80 hrs to wrap that fake cannon. wow youre lazy.



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