Small Habit Changes Can Help You Big Time! (14 PICS + 7 GIFS)

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“Make your bed. I usually do it within 10 minutes of waking up. I also like to refresh it with a spray of something that smells good. Once that’s done I have a small sense of accomplishment and it’s a quick boost to start my day.”


“Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. I drink at least half a liter of water right when I wake up. I’m a waitress and when I work it’s hard to consume as much water as I would like, so the hydration jumpstart really helps.”


“Don’t do work from your bed. I used to always do my homework on my bed since my dorm room is so small. But since I started working at my desk, sleeping is so much easier — because I’m in the mindset that my bed is solely for sleeping.”


“I’ve always loved people watching. But I’ve recently switched from negative judgments or pointing out flaws, to looking out for things that I *like* on others: cool style, nice haircut, cute glasses. This helped me cut out a lot of negativity from my life and my way of thinking, and it’s improved my self-confidence.”


“Listen to your favorite songs on the way to work/school. My morning walk from the parking lot to the school is just under 10 minutes — so I can get in two or three songs. It’s a small thing, but it relaxes me before a hard day.”


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“Spend time on Sunday’s doing some meal prep, even if it’s just planning. It’s so much easier to start your week off on the right foot if you take the time at the beginning to think things through. Especially if you work, workout, have a social life, and/or are generally very busy during the week.”


“Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. I started focusing my shopping on the outer walls of the grocery store. It limits a lot of the processed and tempting foods which are in the middle.”


“Try a meditation app. Taking a few minutes to close my eyes and *just* focus on breathing in and out (instead of focusing on my anxious thoughts) feels really restorative. I also like that some sessions are short (3 to 10 minutes) so I can easily do them again later in the day if I want to.”


“Make eye contact. I try do this at least twice per conversation, which is a lot more than I ever have. Now, all of my chats feel more genuine. I leave them feeling more satisfied and assertive. Still working on it, but it’s one step closer to healthy vulnerability as opposed to constant aloofness.”


“Find the right exercise for you. Don’t wanna work out in the morning? Do an evening workout! Hate the gym? Try a class! No classes near you? Go for a walk! The important thing is that whatever you choose makes sense for your life.”



“Remember that exercise doesn’t even require you to leave the house. I got Zumba for the Nintendo Switch and love it! I am a stay-at-home mom with three kids and I love having something that is fun and accessible. I now do Zumba for 30 minutes everyday in my PJs. The kids will sometimes join or watch but it helps so much with not only exercising, but also with my mental health.”


“Take a break from alcohol. I cut drinking for a month to show myself I didn’t need to drink to socialize. I’ll drink occasionally now on a night out with friends, but it’s not a several-times-a-week thing like before. I feel more energetic, motivated, and positive. I also lost weight and have the added bonus of more financial stability.”


“No phones in bed! As soon as I’m going to bed, I plug my phone in on the nightstand and don’t touch it until the alarm goes off in the morning. It’s helped with getting my sleep cycles back in order.”


“If you’re going to be on Instagram, make it a positive experience. Replace influencers pushing unrealistic standards with people who advocate healthy relationships with your goals and yourself.”


“Count macros instead of calories. By doing this, I never feel restricted by what I eat. Unlike counting calories, I’m now more focused on meeting my daily goals than restricting what I eat to stay under it.”



“Keep your place clean in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. I follow a routine I found on Pinterest that breaks the house down into one room per day, so I spend 10-20 minutes each day keeping things clean. That way it’s not overwhelming, and turns cleaning from a big project into a simple and doable daily task. I have bipolar disorder, and I highly recommend this system for anyone with mental health or productivity issues. It seems so simple but has truly transformed my life.”


“If the time is right, get a pet. After a car accident, I was off work for a year and gained a lot of weight. During that time, my fiancé and I talked about getting a dog, and after a lot of research, we adopted one. Getting a dog changed my life. I spend more time outside, being active and walking it. I’ve lost the weight, and in turn, developed a healthier lifestyle — drinking more water, cooking more, getting enough sleep. I never thought adopting a dog would change my life so much, but I’m now in such a great place because of our puppy, and my supportive fiancé!”


“Make a snack bin. I’ve been in eating disorder recovery for two years. I’ve realized that when I have options that are easily accessible, I’m more likely to eat. So I bought two Tupperware bins and filled them with portioned snacks. In the pantry bin, there’s nuts, crackers, pretzels, jerky, and granola bars. In the fridge, there’s fruit, string cheese, and yogurt cups. Having grab-and-go options has helped me a ton.”


“Spend at least 10 minutes in the sun each day. Two words: Vitamin D.”


“Download a gratitude journal app. Then just spend five minutes either in the morning or at night filling it in. Most will prompt you with a question to help jumpstart your thoughts. Taking a second to be thankful is a great way to start or end each day.”



“Eat more veggies. It can be as easy as little modifications. I’ll toss more vegetables in meals I already enjoy — like adding cauliflower to fried rice, or spinach to scrambled eggs.”







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