Get to know 7 surprising VPN facts to stay safe on the web

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Time to learn more about 7 interesting VPN facts


Do you want to learn more about VPN and its services? In the article, we will dwell on the things to do with a VPN and tell you the secret features you have probably never heard about. Let’s get to it and figure out cool things to do with a VPN together!

What cool things can you do with a VPN? 

If you know what a VPN is, you are most likely to be curious about its tricks. In the following paragraphs, we will dig deeper into it and tell you more secret tricks with the Virtual Private Network. Time to answer this and many other questions about VPN.

1. VPN can hide your IP address


For many people, it is quite understandable. But let us tell you more about the IP address and how it works together with the VPN. First, you need to know that finding out the IP address is very easy. We guess you have the question “What is my IP?” but it’s ok. If you can’t say, “I know my IP,” we will tell you about it. It is the unique address of your device. Your Internet Protocol address can be easily identified unless you use a VeePN connection. You can either download it or buy it, and it still makes it all worth it. Either you buy a free version or use a paid tariff, you will be able to hide your IP to protect data or your current location if the servers don’t work in your area.

2. Using a VPN doesn’t mean you’re a pirate

Most people consider the VPN to be a means to perform a fraud or illicit activity. But in reality, most users get engaged in legal processes. There’s a wrong thought that VPN helps to download shows or other video content for free to avoid any fees or taxes. But most VPN users pay for the content they get from the Internet using special tariffs or packets.


For most users, VPN is a method to manage their activity on the web more conveniently. It gives access to platforms or servers not available in a specific place or area. But it doesn’t mean that these users are frauds or hackers.

3. People are worried about the safety of their data

People start using the Internet for many reasons to solve various issues. Some simply enjoy the content, others look for important information, and some other people manage money transactions through the Internet. But all of them want their data to be secured. What do most people worry about?
        First and foremost, users don’t want others to learn about their activity on the web. The reasons may vary, but the desire to stay anonymous is present in most cases.
        People are also afraid of being hacked or have their data stolen.
        Others don’t want their personal information to be collected by social media platforms.

There are lots of reasons why people start worrying about their safety on the Internet. For this reason, they decide to use a VPN to feel more secure on the web. VPN helps to change the location of your device and encrypt the connection.

4. Does a VPN block your history? 

Many users are concerned about the issue, so it is time to shed light on the problem. Lots of us are worried about the privacy of our data and search history on the web. Using a VPN can help you get more anonymous on the Internet. If you don’t use the VPN connection, other people have access to your search history and may learn information about the websites you’ve ever visited.


But if you use a VPN connection, it is almost impossible to track the links, websites, or search terms you used. VPN simply masks your activity. The only visible thing is the VPN IP address. But no other personal information can be obtained.

5. Which VPN do hackers use?  

Hackers are smart people who do their best to steal your data. They also benefit from the VPN connection to manage their deals. These people will do their utmost to damage the encrypted connection. Hackers make use of different VPN options. But the only thing remains clear. They pay for the services and always choose the best options on the market since the result of their work depends on the quality of the provider.

6. Can I be hacked through VPN? 

It can be a surprising fact for many people, but the VPN connection can still be hacked. There are so many hackers with developed hacking systems and strategies. They work hard to damage the connection and reach the data. So, the answer is YES. Your device can be hacked even if you make use of the VPN.


But don’t get frustrated. It is not the easiest thing to hack the VPN connection. If you choose the correct provider and pay for the services, it is really hard to break the encrypted connection. Moreover, the chances are low that a hacker will be working on your device to steal the information. So, choosing the right provider will solve the problem.

7. Beware of free VPN 

When you download a free version of the VPN, you need to be careful. It often happens that free versions can’t ensure the complete anonymity of your activities on the web. In this case, the more you pay for the services, the better quality you get. There are some exceptions, but the main rule is that money for services defines the quality and safety of your data.

Let’s conclude

In the article, we’ve covered basic VPN secret tricks. Now you don’t have to ask, “What is my IP address?”. You can state, “ I know my IP and I know how to deal with it using a VPN.” Make use of these specific VPN facts to stay safe whilst surfing the Internet.




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