Cornie 3 year s ago
#1. I always find it ludicrous that people blather on about god. I mean " .. made a plea to god ... to let her survive', when, if a god exists, and is an interventionist one, he/she/it made that person start to die in the first place.
It is all so silly ... massive earthquake and people start praying to god to save the people, forgetting that god made the earthquake, designed it to kill, but no worries, they just go all stupid and start asking god to change his mind .... also, they prey the people get saved, they don't give a toss for the animals, which they believe god made, and who god is not trying to kill.
When will their brains take over ?
Betty 3 year s ago
Once these people saw the US hospital bill they probably wished to die again.

"One of my best friends almost died giving birth to her daughter. She was bleeding out and the doctor and nurse had summoned the priest to perform last rites. She basically made a plea to god that if he let her live, she would make her life's mission to save other people on the way to emergency surgery.

Says she blacked out and thought she was dead. She woke up with her Mom and doctor standing by her bed surprised she had survived.

She felt she had been given a mission and went back to school to be a nurse. She eventually got a job as an ICU nurse on the code team. In short, when people are dying, its her job to save them, which she's done for more than 20+ years now."


People Share Their Experience Of Coming Back To Life After Being Declared Dead