Cornie 3 year s ago
#1. I always find it ludicrous that people blather on about god. I mean " .. made a plea to god ... to let her survive', when, if a god exists, and is an interventionist one, he/she/it made that person start to die in the first place.
It is all so silly ... massive earthquake and people start praying to god to save the people, forgetting that god made the earthquake, designed it to kill, but no worries, they just go all stupid and start asking god to change his mind .... also, they prey the people get saved, they don't give a toss for the animals, which they believe god made, and who god is not trying to kill.
When will their brains take over ?
Betty 3 year s ago
Once these people saw the US hospital bill they probably wished to die again.

"Not me but my husband. This happened just a few weeks ago on December 6th. We were in our room chilling and talking about going to lunch and doing some Christmas shopping. As I got up to get dressed he started breathing funny. I look over and his arms are seized up and eyes wide. He’s not responding to me at all. As I’m on the phone with 911 he stopped breathing. I preformed CPR with the helpful instructions from the dispatcher for 7 minutes until the paramedics arrived.

Once they got here they continued CPR and had to defib him twice. When they finally got him in the ambulance they had him intubated and a pulse going again. He was in the Cardiac ICU for 5 day. Only intubated for about 24 hours before they woke him up from heavy sedation.

They did loads of tests. Nothing wrong with his heart but it was ruled a sudden cardiac arrest. On that 5th day he went in for surgery to have an ICD put in and was transferred out of ICU. He was release on the 6th day.

He remembers very little of the whole ordeal. Doesn’t remember it happening or how long he was there. His memory of being in the hospital is hazy. But he’s doing great. Tired and healing but alive and I had him home for Christmas.

He may not remember but I always will. Scariest 6 days of my life. Having my healthy 31 year old husband, the love of my life, almost die in front of me is something I’ll never forget."


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