Cornie 10 month s ago
#1. I always find it ludicrous that people blather on about god. I mean " .. made a plea to god ... to let her survive', when, if a god exists, and is an interventionist one, he/she/it made that person start to die in the first place.
It is all so silly ... massive earthquake and people start praying to god to save the people, forgetting that god made the earthquake, designed it to kill, but no worries, they just go all stupid and start asking god to change his mind .... also, they prey the people get saved, they don't give a toss for the animals, which they believe god made, and who god is not trying to kill.
When will their brains take over ?
Betty 10 month s ago
Once these people saw the US hospital bill they probably wished to die again.

"I was around 5 years old when I almost internally bled to death from a bad virus. I experienced what I could only describe as maybe some weird limbo in between heaven. It’s weird because i don’t think I even had a concept of heaven at that point unless it something I saw in a cartoon.

I was transported to my grandparents house except there was no walls. Everything was hanging on the walls like normal but it was floating in midair. No one was home but I remember just wandering around the house looking at everything floating. Then it switched to me at my elementary school. Again, there was no one around. Almost abandoned. Except I saw another girl around my same age. My memory is a bit foggy of what she told me but I know she had passed away and I think she was trying to get to heaven. We ended up being in some beautiful area, gorgeous hills with green grass and beautiful trees everywhere with blue skies. I was standing next to a tree and kept rubbing the leaves, as long as I kept rubbing the leaves I wouldn’t pass away completely. I remember then being almost literally in the sky. There was a huge giant tree log that I wasn’t allowed to pass unless I was ready to leave earth. If I decided to go over it, I would basically be with “God” although I don’t remember thinking that word as a kid. It was just like you would be with some loving energy. I remember not wanting to cross because I didn’t want to leave my parents yet. And that was it. I woke back up from falling unconscious suddenly as I was hemorrhaging"


People Share Their Experience Of Coming Back To Life After Being Declared Dead