Martin 1 year ago
Go capitalism!!
Matty 1 year ago

...How is this related to capitalism? Those great big political words sure are handy, aren't they? When you repeat them, it's like a warm blankey to wrap your IQ in for 'safe praise' mode online, where you get to tell yourself you actually said something relevant and poignant, as the rest of the herd can both oooh and ahhh at the depth of your insight and hit the thumbs up. That mean ol' capitalism!, You're not exactly sure what it is, but it sure works when you shout it out first! Like farting in a theater full of popcorn munchers, because all of social media's brainwashing has worked and you're a good little anti-American drone, yeah? The real irony is you made that comment on a three hundred dollar Iphone. Go Martin!
Onnie 1 year ago
Matty, OK, greed then, you Tool. $300 iPhone, did you write this post in 2007?
Es 1 year ago
So quick to insult.
So dense to completely miss that the sentence about the $300 iPhone is irony unto itself and directly mirrors the content we're commenting on. That is, all the items in the post do not provide adequate value - they are overpriced for what you get. Matty cleverly references a product that is traditionally overpriced, and sarcastically refers to it as only being worth $300, while we all know iPhones are much more expensive.
I think the readers are sufficiently erudite to recognize Matty's play, there.
Well, except for Onnie.
As for the rest of Matty's comment, I may disagree to a certain extent, but also welcome his observations.
Micajah 1 year ago
Matty, This life of yours. Trolling a site designed to bring smiles to others. Your sad attempts at bringing others down and into the quagmire of loathing and unhappiness that you revel in is to say the least unfortunate.
Matty 1 year ago


...looks like I hit a nerve with some other little social media pundits. One who answers with their own put down like Iphones are a status symbol, and another with cloying sanctimony. XD
Martin 1 year ago
Matty, actually it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8. I guess I hit a nerve, huh? That sure is a high and mighty essay you wrote there. But if I have to explain how consumer manipulation relates to capitalism, then it’s definitely you who needs to learn what capitalism is and how it affects product markup.
Antoinette 1 year ago
Yes, because corrupt businesses sometimes lie. The alternative, of course, is socialism, where everything is run by the government. Which is way better because politicians never, ever lie, and always do what is best for the people with no thought to their own careers, power, wealth, or ego.
Martin 1 year ago
Antoinette, ALL corporations and governments lie. Yes, even free market economies in democratic countries are corrupt and have self-serving agendas. Your world view and understanding is very narrow if you think there is only strictly capitalism or socialism and no middle ground that protects all citizens, even the poor, while still allowing a free market system for those who want to accumulate wealth. The latter should be an option, not the only means of ever paying for college or medical issues. The problem is that democratic governments actually want to keep the poor impoverished and make the wealthy even wealthier. They manipulate systems to make it difficult for working classes to vote because they don’t want them voting. These purposeful acts to control who has a voice in the government defies everything democracy even means. So if you think democratic countries are any better than socialist in terms of manipulating policy, you’re nuts But this post shows just one toxic symptom of rampant capitalism - how a capitalist economy with no regulations on ethical conduct defrauds consumers in the name of profit. And people like you are so numb to it that you’re actually defending this system. There’s so much deception in the name of profit that it’s normalized and expected. You don’t see anything wrong with that?
Minty 1 year ago

"That sure is a high and mighty essay you wrote there" which nobody read XD lol
Lonzo 1 year ago
What did you expect of cheap things?
Day 1 year ago
half of these tricks would just not work and therefore vanish if people weren't too dumb to read the labels.
Jettie 1 year ago
lol, everyone complaining about their dollar store knock offs. I mean, maybe don't be so cheap when you buy stuff?

Also, if you buy something by weight, it doesn't matter how big the package is. You bought it by weight.
Asa 1 year ago
#29 that line is to protect against idiots using them on fish tanks or ponds and suing after their fish have died... In the UK where these are sold sewer waste where these end up are separate from reservoirs, lakes, rivers or streams where any aquatic life might be found.

In fact UK Sewer lines have stuff a lot more harmful than these toilet wipes in them and it all gets filtered and purified

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