Helena 4 month s ago
Without a doubt in my mind I could beat every story they heard.
I have had over 60 vehicles in my day, had to work on every one of them, totalled 29 of them in a ten year span and could literally write a book about all the escapades I have been through with some of them.
Wheels coming off, brakes failing in rush our, over heating, throttle sticking wide open and hitting a telephone pole head on at 45 miles an hour, hoods flying up and covering the windshield with the windows rolled up at 70 mph, you name it.
Tiffany 4 month s ago
In Belgium since the sixties your car goes on 'control' once a year. Everything is tested ((brakes, lights, suspension, tires,.... Even rust. If you don't pass you have 14 days to repare it, if it isn't repaired, you can forget to drive it...
Ryan 4 month s ago

That would take half the cars off of American roads. Good idea.
Randy 4 month s ago
Ryan,exclude cars in north though, we still require horn, headlights, and front windshield~!
Tracy 4 month s ago
1973 Chevy Vega - Worst. Car. Ever.
Alison 4 month s ago
Tracy, 1974 Chevy Vega, that's all I need to say.
Malachi 4 month s ago
2019 Subaru outback 3.6r. Worst piece of sh#t I've ever owned
Dora 4 month s ago
73' Volvo station wagon. Our first family car. Radiator fan came off and went through the radiator on Florida turnpike with family to visit in-laws. Then, to top it off, it got totaled by a VW Rabbit!!! No damage to the Rabbit!
Tim 4 month s ago
1985 Dodge Aries. Every 6 months it would break a starter in half. Starters on those things were in the middle behind the engine, not on top or bottom, so my mechanic groaned whenever it came in. Had multiple oil and gasket problems too.
Prudy 4 month s ago
I had Mazda RX that after start was blowing so much white steam/smoke from a pipe that It covers in fog the whole f neighborhoods
Zachariah 4 month s ago
Volvo xc70 decided to dump its coolant into the footwell while driving in the middle of nowhere.
Good times
Martin 4 month s ago
1970 Mustang. Everything was broken, brakes barely worked after full replacement, window glass randomly fell out of passenger side at stop light, driver side glass later randomly slipped down into the door frame, door would periodically refuse to latch at the worst times, front end squeaked like a rusty barge, heater fan could not be turned off, keys could be pulled out of ignition while car was running, if you didn’t line the keys up right when you turned it off it would still be on and drain the battery. Nightmare of a car.
Randy 4 month s ago
sounds like a girl I once dated~!
Sigfired 4 month s ago
--- Finally, something I can win. ---
A VW beetle (red), the paint was cracked and peeling, and looked like elephant skin, there were no window winders or door cards, you closed the window by sliding it up and wedging it with a screwdriver, the same screwdriver you used as the key to start it, the doors didn't always latch and there was a short in the steering so some times you went around corners with the hooter blaring and one (or both) of the doors flapping. It leaked so much oil that every time you put R20 fuel (10L) you also had to put a tin of oil in. It would constantly cut out when the rust in the fuel tank clogged up the fuel filter so you would have to pull the hose off and use a bicycle pump to push the rust back into the tank. None of the indicators worked, even before the stalk on the steering column fell off, and there was 1 working headlight and 1 tail light and the brake lights never worked, there was no hand brake but I had a rock i would carry with me, the springs in the seats would poke me in the butt if i lost my cardboard that I would sit on. There were no windscreen wipers. Once the battery fell through the hole it had rusted in the floor. There was no starter motor so you always had to push start it, the speed indicator only went up to 20kmph no matter if you were doing 5 or 120kmph, the tires were bald and one had a slow leak, and random wires would come loose on the engine, and I spent many nights sleeping in random places cause I was too scared to open the back in the dark and use a lighter to see which wire came off, mostly cause of all the fuel leaks I didn't want to ignite. If you drove in the rain your feet got wet from all the holes in the floor. There was so much play in the steering wheel that if you hit a stone or hole in the road the front wheels would suddenly change direction, and there wasn't much left of the suspension. It only costed about US $ 200 to buy in 1995 and was a daily driver to work and back until 1998, and is the only car I've had that I still think about and miss.
Swene 4 month s ago
#19 Sounds like you had a broken engine mount. That causes the engine to raise up on one side and it bindss the accelerator cable. I learned this the hard way on my '65 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible. I thought I was going to hit some cars, but I shut the ignition off and that caused the engine to drop back down.
I'm sure that it's too late to do you any good, but maybe it'll help some other poor soul that might run into that problem. It can happen on ANY car or truck. The engine rises when you accelerate causing the problem.
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