What’s Only Normal In Your Country, But Not The Rest Of The World? (18 PICS)

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"Pre-Pandemic Mask Wearing In Asian Countries"

"Wearing a mask. In Hogh Kong, if you're even slightly sick, you wear a mask. If you feel ugly, you wear a mask, if you're just lazy, and don't want to do anything - you wear a mask. Most Asian countries actually wear masks, and it's not because we want to, it's because we grew up knowing that as a society, we need to protect each other"


"In Norway, Parents Leave Their Babies Outside To Nap, Even If It's Cold"

"I thought this was a normal thing everywhere until my American friends were like "what the [hell], why do you do that? That is so weird".So we leave our babies outside when they're supposed to sleep. For example, If you're going to a restaurant, there will often be strollers outside with babies sleeping in them. It's normal in most of the Nordic countries. I just thought it was a thing everywhere. And also when they're in kindergarden and it's nap time, you'll just see a bunch of strollers outside. And no they are not cold, they are always packed in the stroller with a bunch of clothes"


"Sauna In The Apartment In Finland"

"In Slovakia, We Keep Live Fish In Our Bathtub Before Christmas"

"You go to a store, you purchase a live fish, that you bring home in a plastic bag, and you let it live in your bathtub. Because this kind of fish, it's a karp I believe, and it live in muddy waters. And it's kinda gross, so it needs to cleanse itself in clean water before you can eat it. My family used to do this every year up until a few years ago, and every year, I named the fish Michael. So before people took a shower, we needed to put Michael in a bucket."


Izismile Videos

"In Ireland, If Your Friend's Mom Offers You Food, You Have To Say 'No' A Bunch Of Times While She Insists And You Finally Give In"

"In Ireland, we Speak English, so the way you say you say 'no' is 'no', and the way you say 'yes' is 'yes'. However, if you're in your friend's house nad your friend's mom offers you food, 'yes' is then pronounced 'ah, no sure, I'm grand'. To which she'll respond 'ah, you will'. To which you'll respond ah, no honestly'. To which she'll respond 'ah, go on you will'. To which you'll finally respond 'ah, sure, wouldn't say no'. Despite the fact, you've just said 'no' twice, and you've been secretly starving the whole time. It's a linguistic tradition, not the most time efficient, but it is what it is."


"In Denmark If You're Not Married By The Time You Turn 25 Years Old, Then On Your Birthday You Get Tied To A Pole And Get Cinnamon Thrown At You"

"However, if you are still not married by the time you turn 30, it's pepper."


"Everything In Switzerland Has To Be In Al Least 3 Languages"

"Everything has to be translated into at least 3 languages. I live in Switzerland, a small country in the center of Europe with 8.5 million population. There are 4 national languages: German, French, Italian & Rhaeto-Romance. Rhaeto-Romance is spoken by a small part of the population so it's not widely used in businesses. If you have a nation-wide business, your website needs to be translated into at least 3 languages, same with brochures, instructions, product boxes. Sometimes if large companies do a presentation, they will actually do it in 2 languages, or people will receive headphones with a live translation. In some small villages, cinemas will have 3 sets of subtitles, taking up half the screen."


"In Sweden, People Cool Drinks Outside In The Snow"

"The Ridiculously Large Size Of American Soft Drinks"

"The sheer amount of carbonated beverages that we drink. I've never been to a country where this is a normal standard amount of sugar. Even when I was in Europe, none of the soft drinks were ever this big, this is a purely American thing. And probably for the best, because nobody needs 44oz of coke."



"In Russia, We Have 2 Passports"

"One is for internal use, which is basically an ID card for most countries. But here in Russia, we have many pages of information about our citizens, like who your children are, where are you living, and other things like that. The second passport is an international, Russian Federation passport. And not every Russian has it, you need to pay about $60 to $70 to get one. And all my visas are stored here."


"That’s How We Greet Each Other In UAE"

"I'm From Papua New Guinea, And It's Chewing Betel Nut"

"If you ever visited, you might be surprised to see so many people with red-stained mouths. Well, it's from chewing betel nut. It's a social practice that every Papua New Guinean does. From the elders to the young ones. And there are 2 ways to chew betel nut. You can just crack open the green nut and chew the flesh regularly, or you can dip the dake, which is the green stem, into the kambang, which is a white powder, to produce a red paste in your mouth. And basically, this is a drug, it's a stimulant, it's like coffee, it gives you a burst of energy, people usually chew this in the mornings."


"In Sweden, You Can Google A Lot About A Person, Like Their Address, What Car They Drive, How Much They Earn"

"In Sweden, you can just type in the name of the person on Google. The results will come up, his full name, date of birth, where he lives, what car he drives, how much he earns, everything. It's free for everyone to just check, I think that's very unnatural"


"In Brasil, We Are Very Obsesive About Oral Hygene"

"It's very common to see a Brazilian brushing their teeth or flossing in a public bathroom or workplace bathroom. We also take multiple showers a day, usually 2 or 3 showers. And we eat pizza with a fork and a knife, I don't really know of any other country that does this, I'm sure there are, but we eat pizzas with a fork and a knife."



"In Argentina, When You Graduate University Your Friends And Family Attack You With Food And Paint"

"In Argentina, when you graduate university your friends and family attack you with eggs, flour, contiments, oil, food in general, paint, foam, anything. And they just drench you in head to toe as a celebration. The way it works is you let everyone know when your final exam is, and if you pass, you change into comfy clothes and everyone gathers around you and throws stuff at you. In the past few years it has changed from food to paint, foam, confetti, as to not waste food, but a lot of people still do the food thing. So you go with a carton of eggs and just whack them at the person who graduated."


"Toilet Bidet Sprayer In Iran"

"Swedish Cheese Slicer"

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Stephen 5 month s ago
9 and 14 are not correct. Sweden may be in the northern part of Europe but there are quite a difference in weather conditions. I live in the south of Sweden and we have had like less than a centimeter of snow and a few degress minus celcius for about ten days now. That is the most winter we have had for the last 5-6 years. So cooling drinks in the snow is not a swedish thing.

On no 14. You cant just google and get peoples' complete social security number and income. There are online services where you can log on and find out but not just a simple google search.
salamoon 5 month s ago

#14 thank god, otherwise that would be a like a free service for thieves.... like here is everything you need to know, have fun wassat sm_80
Glory 5 month s ago
We have the " Swedish cheese slicer" everywhere in The Netherlands as well. I thought it was the only way to slice cheese.
Weird things for The Netherlands;
1. On the monarch's birthday, the whole country has a day off, loads of people wear something orange, and we all go walking on huge impromptu fleamarkets that are in ever city.
2. We eat raw herring with raw onions as a street snack.
Zeke 5 month s ago
The cheese slicer is a norwegian invention.
Elenor 5 month s ago
i'm not sure what we do or have special in france that others don't do.
Dickie 5 month s ago
Elenor, I heard, that you guys put thermometers in your butt...
Nik 5 month s ago
What's the difference between an oral thermometer and a butt thermometer? The taste! But seriously, you're just a troll
Harry 5 month s ago
Nik, LOL, good joke though
Dickie 5 month s ago
Nik, Why am I a troll? Louis CK said that in his latest special.

Also a qoute form PubMed.gov
"Mercury-in-glass thermometer used to measure rectal temperature still remains the reference in France. "
Kristopher 5 month s ago
Elenor, you have mystique.
And the rest of the world is supremely envious.
Nerva 5 month s ago
#1 used to have those in Hungary during Communism. Can't remember if they still have it though.
Nap 5 month s ago
Nerva, We have bagged milk in the U.S. too. Years ago when milk was delivered to people's homes, a lot of dairies packaged their milk in bags and supplied their customers with the accompanying pitchers. When your pitcher wore out, they'd give you a new one. It's not as common anymore since most people buy their milk at the grocery stores now.

#18 This cheese slicer isn't exclusive to any country. We have them and use them in America too. lol We even have things called knives too...
Debora 5 month s ago
The cheese slicer is a norwegian invention by the way. So it’s a Norwegian cheese slicer:)
Day 5 month s ago
As usual, at least half of these are complete BS.
Morey 5 month s ago
# 1. isn't factual...maybe in some small pocket of Eastern Canada? Definitely not out West.
Zeke 5 month s ago
#18 isnt swedish. Its norwegian.
Paddy 5 month s ago
#5 not for cleaning, but its some sort of tradition, on Christmas you just kill, fry and eat "Michael"
Kristopher 5 month s ago
#3 Was common in the U.S., until criminals took over.
Sid 5 month s ago
Freedom ( from New Zealand)
Hubert 5 month s ago
I always thought #2 was because of so much air pollution. I mean China has a billboard that displays nature weather pictures because people cannot see the sky for all the smog in some cities.
Manerva 5 month s ago
I guess most of it is true, but taking a shower, the rule number 1, is take at least 1 by day, but is normal to see 2, one in the morning an 1 in the evening and more rare to see 3. Remember folks, Brazil is a huge country. It is more easier to see minor countries inside Brazil than just one ...
Elbert 5 month s ago
#1 we have bagged milk, cream and other things in Paraguay.
#15 from what i have seen many pizzerias give you knife and fork.
Cory 5 month s ago
we have "Canadian" "Schlauchmilch" and the "Swedish" "Käsehobel" over here, 2 different Passports (one more an ID Card), cooling our drinks outside and maybe this is maybe quite normal for lot of countries. But the bidet sprayer is now out of fashion, the last one i've seen was in Spain 10 years ago.



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