Onnie 3 year s ago
What's worse than one household of petty children? Two households of petty children.
Dob 3 year s ago
Each story that starts with "my neighbours are crazy, but now I fight back" makes the cardinal mistake of forgetting the first words of that sentence.
Mira 3 year s ago
... firstly - you need to expect ants soon enough to spread all over the place, including your property, secondly - poison on peppers and tomatoes? - seriously 10-14 days will be sufficient to flush any chemicals in and out. Having little garden myself I'll open little secret - we do use poisons and chemicals regularly for various reasons. Thirdly - missing part of what did you do to trigger such response? Just because you have account on social media and they don't doesn't make me to believe your story completely.

One Redditor has recently shared an incident she had with her neighbors after they poisoned her tomatoes

Whether you’re a good neighbor, or the neighbor from hell, nobody likes ant infestation. (The question of whether some deserve it more than others is a different thing.) But ant infestations do happen, whether we like it or not.

Remember the last time you saw a handful of them dancing around the cereal box? The chances are they were not the only ones. One of the signs that shows you have an ant infestation is spotting a trail of ants inside your home. Ants will march one behind the other as a result of the pheromone trails they lay down once they have found a reliable food source.

Another sign is spotting piles of ants around your house. You may wonder how it happened that ants found their way into your precious home. Well, if it’s not revenge from the neighbor, which it may well be, the reasons can vary.


Insane Neighbor Wars…