Roy 2 month s ago
Aye. The whole world is [email protected]#ked up now due to this sh#t. And people believe this. I wish to travel back in time. It's just gonna be more bad.
Marjorie 2 month s ago
Adam 2 month s ago

And people like you are the reason this thing has lasted as long as it did. If you would have just shut your mouth and put on a mask things would have been better... but no, you have to prove you are smarter than everyone else, and by doing so you just proved you are an idiot. Grow up.
Roberta 1 month ago
yep, one year into just two more weeks...
Eugene 1 month ago

Exactly. The masks have proven repeatedly to be no help at all against the virus.

@Adam you are a bonehead who bought the narrative hook, line and sinker! Let me guess we're all endangering your life by not wearing masks. You little twerp are the one that needs to grow up. You are not a hero by staying home afraid and eating take out.
Frankie 1 month ago
sorry, I pressed the wrong button : I pressed up but it turned down
Chris 2 month s ago
When people are scared they will do just about anything they are told - and that’s not an exaggeration. The vast majority of people have no idea how governments have overinflated the severity of COVID. It’s essentially a moderate flu and they’ve convinced people to accept shutting down the worlds economy. It’s all about control - if they told people to kill naysayers (like me) I have no doubt that previously sane people would have no problem doing it. It’s crazy. You make nazis are absolutely crazy.
Chris 2 month s ago
Chris, *mask
Adam 2 month s ago

I'm sure the families of the half million people who died, or the people with long term health problems are quite happy to talk to you about how real it was. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen. Grow up and stop believing in conspiracies just because you think it makes you smarter... it actually just makes you look stupid. Congrats.
Roberta 1 month ago
weird flex but okay. why weren't you worried when 1.5 million died from TB back in 2018?
Martin 1 month ago
Roberta, obviously because there is a vaccine that’s been readily available for decades and that’s required at a young age in many countries in order to attend school. Tuberculosis is not a global pandemic, COVID is. The ramifications of a GLOBAL threat from a relatively unknown contagion are severely greater than those of a well known infectious disease that has standard treatment. Also, there have been 2.6M COVID deaths already, nearly double what you stated for TB, which is absolutely alarming and cause for a lockdown. Do you have any idea how much worse it would have been if governments didn’t intervene? If there were zero mask mandates and everyone just pretended this disease was no big deal, even as it spread around the globe like wildfire? You’ve clearly not been affected directly or indirectly by COVID, which is due to the measures put in place. Instead of recognizing that, you actually believe there is no threat at all because the measures are working so good. Such irony.
Nap 2 month s ago
It's extremely difficult to lend any credibility to the conspiracy theories surrounding this pandemic having lost loved ones who've literally died from Covid-19. A couple of these lost loved ones also felt they were resilient to the virus thus ignoring the precautions and stuck a thumb up at the mask mandates placed by local governing agencies due to their ignorance by siding with the conspiracy theories. Later, after being diagnosed with the virus and hospitalized, they backpedaled their beliefs in the conspiracies and died alone along with deep regrets. I refuse to die from ignorance. I'll wear my masks and proceed with caution. Particularly since there are people in this world who're bent on making others lives a living Hell spewing whackadoodle theories from the back of their tinfoil hat boxes.
Broderick 2 month s ago
#28 Joe Biden not giving the State of the Union address, IS the State of the Union.
Elsie 1 month ago

The last six presidents also have not delivered an official State of the Union during the year in which they were inaugurated
Silas 1 month ago
Unbelievable some of the comments here ...
Nowell 1 month ago
0.5 %death rate....the millions that will die because of the economic collapse are gonna make the pandemic look like a vacation
Lincoln 1 month ago
#3/4, 5/6, 7/8 - Who the eff gives a £ʊϽЖ about all these millionaire elites?

This was the greatest control experiment ever perpetrated on the sheeple - and we fell for it. The two Josephs (Goebbels and Stalin) and Mao knew that controlling the media and the (re)education systems were key to controlling the masses. This was just a practice run for the globalist elites.

Don't get me wrong, this virus can kill, especially the vulnerable. Sort of a good way for the state to be rid of its non-productive, (elderly, retirees, etc) that are sucking up money in medical and social expenses.

The answer is, as Rod Tidwell said, "Show me the money. Show! Me! The! Money!" (Jerry Maguire). Just look at who profited politically, money wise, and ultimately, power wise.
Matthias 1 month ago
What happened to #31 to #500,000?

You know, showing people in photos taken at the end of 2019 not being in any any more.

Disneyland then:

How Pandemic Changed Things…