Dennis 2 month s ago
#24 Damn. Half of them look like they are grade school kids.
Jackie 2 month s ago
A lot of men and women died fighting for freedom so your cisgendered 'progressive' college student could tear down statues dressed all in black while campaigning to litigate free speech.
Nibby 2 month s ago
Jackie, Shut up Jackie.
Nibby 2 month s ago
Great photos!
Miranda 2 month s ago

Hi Jackie. It's me, "Dennis".

Just an FYI, I have no cross-gendered 'progressive' college student children. I merely made a comment on the apparent age of the soldiers in the picture. It's pretty unclear to me why you would make such a comment to me.

Not that it matters, my father, and many of my father's friends, served in combat in WWII. Some survived, some didn't. My father did survive the war in the Pacific. He recently passed away at 96YO.

Again, not that it matters, he attained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) in approximately 1 year. I heard many of his and his friends' tales of their war time experiences. Some of the "best" tales my father had from the war, well, he didn't talk about until the year he died. I finally got him to talk about those.

Going through his personal belongings I know with certainty that both his tales and the fact he achieved a rank that typically would take 8 years to achieve were true. He was in his 20s during the war, and neither he nor those in the photos with him during his time in the military looked as young as those in the picture I commented on.
Miranda 2 month s ago
BTW, he fought to protect your right to make ignorant inferences as you have.
Jill 2 month s ago
And millions still don't vote.
Amos 2 month s ago
Jill, As it should be, only Citizens should be allowed to vote.

"Two soldiers comfort each other under the strain of combat in Pleiku, South Vietnam, 26 May 1967. Pleiku was strategically important during the Vietnam War because it was the primary terminus of the military supply logistics corridor extending westwards along Highway 19 from the coastal population centre and port facilities of Qui Nhơn. Additionally, its central location on the plateau, between Kon Tum in the north, Buôn Ma Thuột to the south, and the North Vietnamese Army's base areas inside Cambodia to the west made Pleiku the main center of defense of the entire highland region of the Republic of Vietnam. This was obvious to both sides; the United States established an armed presence very early in the conflict at Camp Holloway, and the Việt Cộng attack on this base in early 1965 was one of the key escalating events that brought U.S. troops into the conflict. On 15 June 1972, Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z, operating a Convair 880 from Bangkok to Hong Kong, disintegrated and crashed while the aircraft was flying at 8,800 m. over Pleiku, Vietnam after a bomb exploded in a suitcase placed under a seat in the cabin, killing all 81 people on board."


Historical Photos Colorized By “Cassowary Colorizations”