Dennis 1 month ago
#24 Damn. Half of them look like they are grade school kids.
Jackie 1 month ago
A lot of men and women died fighting for freedom so your cisgendered 'progressive' college student could tear down statues dressed all in black while campaigning to litigate free speech.
Nibby 1 month ago
Jackie, Shut up Jackie.
Nibby 1 month ago
Great photos!
Miranda 1 month ago

Hi Jackie. It's me, "Dennis".

Just an FYI, I have no cross-gendered 'progressive' college student children. I merely made a comment on the apparent age of the soldiers in the picture. It's pretty unclear to me why you would make such a comment to me.

Not that it matters, my father, and many of my father's friends, served in combat in WWII. Some survived, some didn't. My father did survive the war in the Pacific. He recently passed away at 96YO.

Again, not that it matters, he attained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) in approximately 1 year. I heard many of his and his friends' tales of their war time experiences. Some of the "best" tales my father had from the war, well, he didn't talk about until the year he died. I finally got him to talk about those.

Going through his personal belongings I know with certainty that both his tales and the fact he achieved a rank that typically would take 8 years to achieve were true. He was in his 20s during the war, and neither he nor those in the photos with him during his time in the military looked as young as those in the picture I commented on.
Miranda 1 month ago
BTW, he fought to protect your right to make ignorant inferences as you have.
Jill 1 month ago
And millions still don't vote.
Amos 1 month ago
Jill, As it should be, only Citizens should be allowed to vote.

"German Mountain troop, awarded with the Infantry Assault Badge during a celebration, c. Summer 1943. Since it’s nearly impossible to make a serious post about this picture, I leave you with a joke my grandfather used to tell me.

The Führer was once being driven in his amazing Mercedes by the German countryside, to a small location in Prussia to give a war meeting. Halfway there, some stones from the road he was going through, which was in very bad condition, punctured a wheel and the Mercedes was stamped on a fence, killing a pig that was eating nearby. Angry and hysterical, the Führer shouted to his driver to go to the nearest farm to seek help. The driver, fearful, ran to the farm where he had run over the pig. Five hours later, he appeared in front of the Führer with a bottle in his hand. The dictator, extremely angry at the wait, and seeing that he did not come with help, asked him what he had been doing. "You will see my Führer," said the driver clearly drunk, "I went to the farm and told the villagers that I was carrying Adolf Hitler in my car when, on the road, I ended up killing the pig. And then, they started to congratulate me, and offered me all the bottles of champagne they had.""


Historical Photos Colorized By “Cassowary Colorizations”