Phillip 1 weeks ago
Scott 1 weeks ago

Because stupid people can't figure out things by themselves, let me explain the fundamentals of respect again:

1- It is not only about dying from Covid... once hospitals are overcrowded, other people may die from injuries or other sicknesses because they can't get treatment and/or preventive cares. You can suffer from Covid even if you don't get Covid

2- Basic statistics: 10% or people who get Coronavirus will end up with Covid. If you give the virus to 10 persons because you are too disrespectful, lazy or stupid to wear a mask, which has zero impact on YOU, one person will end up very sick... but obviously, you don't give a sh't about this person who will suffer weeks of sickness.

3- Even if people YOU contaminate because of YOUR profound disrespect for others only get mildly sick, they will still loose days of work and will be mildly sick... who are YOU to decide that I deserve to get sick and maybe risk long Covid with months of headaches ??

4- The only things you have to do to avoid all the above is to wash YOUR dirty hands, stay 2m away from other people and wear your mask when you are around other people INDOOR.

5- The most important of all: lockdowns and economic impacts are 100% a consequence of disrespectful people being too lazy to follow number 4 above. Some people are so dumb they need to be put in lockdown to finally stay 2 meters away from other. YOU are killing the economy by not following simple hygiene measures. In any way, I am not interested to get your snot on me, Covid or not.
Pat 1 weeks ago
Scott, You have not figured out anything. An insulting, selfish, childlike attitude. Spoken like a leftwing supremacist
Almira 1 weeks ago
Scott,WOW what you say must be true because you numbered them.

numbering retorts is s sure sign the the retort-er is trying to sound more intelligent than they actually are, this is the internet not some Ph.D. dissertation before a board of certified physicians.

resorting to personal insults is another sign of self importance bloviation of the writer

the use of capitol letter in whole words, are you yelling or do you have tourette syndrome that has managed to cross over into your writing? (now if you plan a snarky little comeback implying that you didn't swear and therefore don't have tourette's be advised that tourette syndrome is associated with tics and blurting out unusual sounds or words not necessarily swears

the use of statistics because it was Mark Twain who said ""There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

numbers can be fudged to support any argument, show me a statistic and i'll show you how it's been manipulated, i worked in research most of my adult life and know full well how to make percentages say what you want them to say

accusing the OP of "killing the economy" by not wearing a mask, i believe it was the shutting down of thousands of mom and pop businesses by those in power that killed the economy and not people not wearing masks.

Andrew Cuomo killed more elderly by putting infected people into nursing homes with non sick residents then anyone not wearing a mask has

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt"
in your case better to not reply is more fitting
Scott 1 weeks ago

Yep, numbered stuff is easier to read... maybe not required, but not bad neither... and just for fun, I'll do it again 35

1- Refusing to wear a mask during a pandemic of an airborne virus is THE insult. Not sure I can add enough with all my creativity to match antimask dudes.

2- Capital, not capitol, letters is just to emphasize. I am not yelling, since I am writing. Thanks for the course about Tourette... there is also plenty of videos on Youtoob of people with Tourette who discuss their condition, symptoms and associated challenges. In particular, a nice lady with this condition also has a vlog in which she discusses video games and Tourette... quite instructive and nice to see that she did not let her condition nor internet Trolls stop her.

3- Agree with you that statistics can be misleading to a certain point... but it doesn't change the bottom line, be it 10% or 5% or 2%, it does not change the fact that at a given threshold, somebody will fall ill.

4- Why do you think shutdowns happen ? Not because the number of hospital admissions raised near saturation level ? I do not really believe politicians, but I do believe my friends and family who work in the hospitals and confirmed that they where in dire situation. Should have people stayed put for a few weeks, the number of cases would have been less and hospital admissions too. Therefore, put it the way you want, yes shutting down businesses is bad for the economy, but shutdown is a consequence of denial of simple measures by too many people.

Finally, judging by the score of our respective messages, I believe the fool is the one driving on the left side of the road seeing dozen of fools coming his direction !

Final thought: I am so puzzled by the energy you guys put in trying to convince 90% of the population of your beliefs... even if the mask was completely useless and it was only to relieve anxious people, any decent, civilized person would agree to do this so easy and inexpensive effort of putting a mask. Nope, you guys rather decided to freak and turn full on bezerk because you are asked to behave like civilized and respectful people. Nobody asked you to cut your fukn balls !

5- Because Andrew Cuomo or anybody else made mistakes, it absolves antimask from their own mistakes ??
Dyer 1 weeks ago
Almira, You are the most insulting. Do you know anything about Tourette’s?. Obviously not. My younger brother suffers from it. His ticks are facial and neck. He has a beautiful family with three beautiful children. Before talking, think.
Martin 1 weeks ago
Scott, not to mention all the people those 10 will infect, and on and on. Wearing a mask to stop the spread of a serious contagion is base level common sense and takes virtually zero effort. It’s just astonishing how many pos idiots can’t even do something so simple to save lives.
Dyer 1 weeks ago
Martin, I agree with you. It astonishes me also. Well said.
Obediah 1 weeks ago

Well said, Scott, well said. Thank you. I will copy your text for further use in my daily life if I may.
Roberta 1 weeks ago

Just like the title of this post, you are: Not Smart. At All.
Nelson 1 weeks ago
I feel like I'm reading the onion news
Juda 1 weeks ago
I LOVE mask fights. dance3
Nap 1 weeks ago
Juda, Yeah, at least here they can't pull each others hair and toss stuff off the counter or at employees just trying to do their jobs. Pass the popcorn! lol
Herbert 1 weeks ago
United States coronavirus cases 31,315,968
Deaths 567,610 you have a .01812526 chance of death.
Just Sayin.
Rollo 1 weeks ago

...you have no comprehension and understanding of "Mortality rate", death rate" and "fatality rate"
Scott 1 weeks ago

1 chance out of 50 to die is pretty gruesome to me... if I had 1 in 50 chance to die in a plane crash, I would 100% stay on the ground.

The real figure, accounting for the undiagnosed cases is more of 0.5% mortality rate. Nevertheless, put in USA figures, it means that if the virus was left unchecked (no distancing, no mask, no hand wash), there would be about 1,5 millions Americans dying from Covid or Covid complicated comorbidities. Now, you may believe that 1.5 million deaths is not worth the efforts asked to the population... your choice I guess.

Needless to say that what makes great nation is to put life of its citizens ahead of money. Someone may believe that saving one's business is worth more than saving one's life... there is no definitive answer if this is right or not, other than the society's judgment. Since more than 70% of US citizen believe sanitary measures shall be adhered to, I can say with confidence that a majority of Americans put more value on life than money !
Dyer 1 weeks ago
Scott, This is a scary time for many of us and it’s not easy. The variants now are a real problem. It’s a collective effort from the population to follow sanitary measures. It’s not hard to wear a mask and wash your hands for 20 seconds. Thinking of the alternative makes me want to be more stringent. I am not taking any unnecessary chances. When my father passed away , I knew I had to take care of my mother. She comes before me. I love her very much.
My brothers and their children understand the sanitary measures because they respect their Oma and love her. Even though we miss each other , this is not the time to get together.
Ode 1 weeks ago

Ha Ha Ha... 'muricans will die for a buck.
Rosalinda 1 weeks ago

1 chance out of 50 to die. Also consider you have less than a 1 in 10 chance of even getting the Wuhan virus. Therefore, your odds of dying from it are really less than 1 in 500.
Hezekiah 1 weeks ago
#28 sounds like the boyfriend is better off.
Sheila 1 weeks ago
#27 Apparently this message was only meant for right-handers, so you lefties can go ahead and toke up!
Not Smart. At All. (30 PICS + 1 GIF)