Viola 2 year s ago
Should have also called the police and have the person investigated if he or she was identified after that maybe will think about experience before trying to spike a drink again
Dorinda 2 year s ago
i had a friend who was working in Miami for a while (he was a wize guy for the mob).
he was there over a year and had a GF, when he told her he was moving back home she freaked, she though she was going with him

the night before he was leaving she came over for a last "F" trying to make up with him.

they had a few drinks and the next thing he knew he was waking up in the ICU of Miami Hospital. what ever she gave him she gave him too much, she just wanted him to miss his plane.

he spent 3 weeks recovering and his "bosses" wanted to know if he wanted her gone, luckily for her Jimmy wasn't one for holding grudges and just told them she wasn't trying and kill him plus she was going to jail anyways for Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter..............she got 6 years and did 3
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