Funny Casual Dating Stories that Have Grown into Something More

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Casual hookups are more common in this day and age than at any other point in time. After all, dating is a fun way to pass the time.

Funny Casual Dating Stories that Have Grown into Something More


The Barman

Charlotte thought she had caught the eye of a handsome barman. As she was leaving the bar, she felt a hand on her arm. During the first date, they both admitted that they only wanted a casual hookup. After a night of passion, they decided that if by chance they were to meet again, they would consider something more serious. Exactly 6 months later, the two bumped into each other on the set of a film.

They played a husband and wife on-screen and later married in real life.

Glad I Didn't Take the Stairs

David met a girl at a friend's party and brought her back to his flat. It had been a few months since he had split up with his long-term partner, but he wasn't ready for anything serious.

David would normally take the stairs, but this morning he was feeling lazy and got in the lift. The lift broke down with just the two of them in it.

For two hours, Claire kept him in good spirits, shared her hopes, dreams and past. David knew that if she could make him smile through that, they were meant to be.

Meeting for the First Date

Michelle was newly single and wanted to try a casual hookup. She signed up to an online dating site and found a date for the next day.

William looked quite different to his online picture. She decided not to mention it; after all, she had applied a flattering filter to her own photo. After one night together, they knew that this would be more than casual.

The next day, Michelle said goodbye and looked at her phone. "Where are you? It's rude to stand people up." It transpired that William had turned up to the bar to meet another Michelle and had assumed that she was also using a fake picture.

They considered their meeting as fate and are now expecting their second child.

Hot Delivery

Billy and Sarah decided that a casual hookup was for the best.

A few months later, Sarah had a little housewarming party. Funnily enough, Billy was actually the one who delivered the pizza. Sarah invited him back to join the festivities. He was the only one who joined her fully clothed in the bath to sing sea shanties.

Face the Music

No more musicians. Emily had dated a few, all of which seemed to be emotionally unavailable and narcissistic. There was one who turned her head despite herself. He asked her for a date, and she made it clear it would only be casual. Eventually she began to believe that maybe this one was not a narcissist but an empathetic and kind soul. He wanted to see her more often. She agreed but not tonight because was due to start a new job in a care home the following day.

The next morning Emily turned up to her new job. "You're lucky. The singer is coming in today," someone said to her.

When he arrived, she was tidying a resident's bedroom… then she heard a familiar voice echoing down the hall. She almost ran to the lounge. Their eyes met as he sang, "be my girlfriend."

The moral of all these stories: we never know where life will take us. Who knows if your next casual hookup will lead you to the love of your life? 




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