Josey 1 year ago
You can tell most of these marriages are doomed to fail.
Monty 1 year ago

Why? Because they don't want to follow every standard traditional thing?
Nap 1 year ago
#2 Pigeon Fanciers (what dove and pigeon handlers are called) train their birds to return to them exclusively. These fanciers offer professional services for staging whether it be for weddings, funerals, or other celebrations for a fee. The birds are released and do flyovers then the fancier calls them back. Easy peasy. It's the idiots who buy white doves/pigeons to save a few bucks that are abusive. Most breeders in the U.S. won't sell you birds without a vetting process. So you can't just order a dozen online and do effall with them.
Bea 1 year ago
Reading these is like a view in to the mind of an unhinged lunatic. Seriously, these are some sick women. Guys - run, don’t walk, away from women if you discover this about them prior to the marriage. Marry these women and you are in for some bad times.
Claud 1 year ago
besides the diamond thing(diamonds are gained with slave labor) its all feminist cr#p
Willie 1 year ago
A lot of bitter, self important people who are not going to be a joy for anyone to have as a life partner.
Joe 1 year ago
Since not one of these are obligatory for anyone, just don't follow! Why criticize.

If someone tells me that they don't understand some tradition a take them as an illiterate person. You don't need to follow, but understand? Just research it. shoot
Barticus 1 year ago
Free world etc.

You can choose what you want.

Expensive Wedding

"The week I got engaged, I went out and bought a bridal magazine. Read through it. Then wanted to jump out of a window.

The main thrust of the magazine was ‘the perfect wedding.’ And for me to have the perfect wedding, at least according to the magazine, I’d have to buy a load of crap, like unity candles and something having to do with sand, plus I’d have go out and research wedding photographers, hair and make-up people, florists, videographers, bands/DJs, and on and on it went. Or plunk down a bunch of scratch to pay a wedding planner to do it for me.

And then the gown. Ay carumba. I’ve owned cars that cost less than some of the gowns they were touting.

So, after the guy I grew up with, who has a very successful DJ/photography/whatever company, told me he could get a DJ for my wedding ‘starting around $2,500’ I finally said, “Screw that, I am NOT hemorrhaging money for this.” Got a nice gown for $700. Got our rings from Etsy. They’re sterling silver with a 14k yellow gold lining. (Didn’t see the point of the lining, but that’s how they came. ) $400 for the pair. Did the flowers myself, from flowers I bought at Produce Junction and Acme. Total about $50. Did my own hair and makeup.

My sister-in-law offered to do the videography. Another friend offered to snap photos of everything. For the reception, I hired a harpist for about $200. Nobody got to dance, but at least they could hold conversations without screaming to be heard. The reception cost about $1,500. Beautiful wedding cake -about $100. No bouquet toss, no garter.

Over and over through out the years, I’ve been told by the people who attended (we had between 40 and 50 people) that ours was the best wedding they’d ever been to."


People Share Wedding Traditions They Don’t Think Are Necessary