"Fired a guy for looking to pay someone to cast black magic on the owner and the owner’s family to bewitch them into giving him a raise and, ironically, never firing him. Only reason I found out was because he asked someone else in the office for help in finding a witch doctor to cast the spells and word got round. No one wanted to be in the same room as him after that.

When I confronted him he said the devil made him do it so it wasn’t his fault. I live in the Middle East. I definitely did not wake up expecting to fire someone for black magic that day. Side note: practicing black magic is literally a death sentence here."



"I worked at a pet store, and was the lead cashier so I had to train this girl who didn’t think she had to abide by the uniform because it’s just(store name) and doesn’t count as a real job. That was a warning that despite her thinking she did need to follow the uniform rules. Then when ringing up customers she actually told customers they couldn’t buy certain items because we were running low and she planned on getting a pet soon and wanted these items. I apologized and rung them up. Second warning with me explaining how that’s not how it works and she could shop when she’s off the clock. Finally my manager fired her when she tried to steal one of the cats that were up for adoption after being told she needed to wait for approval after they do a home visit and make sure she can care for the cat. Her excuse for trying to steal the cat? Her landlord doesn’t allow pets so she wouldn’t be approved and she’d be a much better pet parent then anyone who else who wanted the cat and much better than any of the customers we got. The girl didn’t even last a week."



"When I was working at Burger King, our restaurant manager was away on maternity leave, so we had someone from another store come in over that time to fill the role.

He ended up hiring someone who had worked there 5-6 years previously (high turnover, so a lot of hiring/leaving), the few staff that had known her before she’d left hated her, but had no idea why she left. She even passed all the checks from head office before she was hired.

Restaurant manager comes back about a month after she’s been hired, takes one look at her, and RAGES. Like my RM is yelling at this girl, she’s yelling at the manager that hired her, and all the crew that had known her when she was here last. Obviously none of us knew what was going on, but it turns out this girl hadn’t left, she’d been fired, and management at the time hadn’t told anyone that, just that she’d quit.

This girl had scammed BK by pretending to be pregnant (fake ultrasounds, plans, baby shower, the whole lot) and then took paid maternity leave so she could go work somewhere else, because it was seasonal work with better pay, with the idea of having a job for the off-season to come back to.

I have no idea how she got through the head office checks, but she was fired that day. (Super impressive when you consider that I’m in New Zealand, so getting fired is usually a month+ long process here)"




my helper and I went to do a punch list at a new home.

when the very attractive 20 something year old answered the door

I ask what the problem was, and she said,

"when I take a shower, the shower head makes a whistling noise."

my helper said,

"Hell if I saw you naked, I'd whistle too"

she complained to the super.I had no choice but to fire him. "



"He worked at the company for 2 weeks, came to the Christmas party on friday, got s@#tfaced, told the HR manager that she was a s@#t and would die alone (they had some previous vaguely romantic history, went on a couple of dates or something) tried to fight 2 of the customer service managers who asked him to calm down, and while being escorted out he turned to the CEO and COO and told them to go f@#k themselves.

He showed up to work on the Monday talking about how fun the party was and how he had seen some people who would probably be called into HR that morning.. he was the first and only employee to be called and was sacked on the spot."


Strangest Stories That Lead To People Firing Their Employees