"I work at an art studio where we teach classes and sell pottery that our artists make for others to paint. I'm one of the artists and the manager. I started getting a funny feeling about one of my employees.. she wasn't doing anything blatently wrong, just seemed to work really slowly sometimes, request insignificant but kinda odd schedule changes, and have different break habits from the other staff. I started feeling like she was stealing but this is a really small business so I didn't have her on camera or any way to really prove it... Until she accidentally sent me a video of herself painting pieces that I MADE from her home!"



"Some dude wasn’t making calls (his job) and I did a remote session to see what he was doing. Sent the screenshot to the boss and he came over like it was a black friday TV sale. He had been warned by me before.

Boss: Why are you job searching on my time.

Guy: I am trying to apply for my career.

Boss: I am not paying you to shop for jobs.

Guy: I want to be a flight attendant. (guy is 300lbs and not in touch with reality)

Boss: Gets red faced and walks away.

Email from boss: Get that s@#t out here before I lose my temper.

Me: Hey Neil, yah, you can’t apply for jobs while you are on the clock. You need to clock out and go home.

Neil: For the day?

Me: No, good luck on your flight attendant career."



"My coworker at a coffee shop.

Told a customer she didn't feel like making x drink and she should go elsewhere.

Wore cookie monster PJ pants while we had a very strict "black or khaki pants, no jeans, no leggings" policy at the time.

couldn't figure out the concept of milk?? This still baffles me to this day. Like I was trying to show her how to steam milk properly, she was off in la la land and when she snapped back into the conversation asking, "What are we doing again" followed by me reminding her and she quite literally asked what was in the gallon jug that I poured into the metal pitcher. I told her it was milk and she just looked at me, her eyes saying, '???!??!!?"

She was there for 2 days."



"At a retail job, we had a kid come in and punch in for the day then go home. Would come back at quittin' time and punch out."



"A guy told a female co-worker he wanted to take her newborn baby home with him to “inspire” his wife to have one. Dude was creepy as f@#k before that, but the complaint she made to management was what got him cut loose. He denied ever having said it, despite corroborating statements from other employees and a couple customers."



"I am a chef at an upscale restaurant, the sauté cook has a lobster dish on his station that involves a technique called deglazing that involves alcohol so in turn the pan catches on fire briefly and flames up. When you do it correctly (hard to do it incorrect) the alcohol is cooked off and the flame goes out. Every time he made this dish he would deglaze the pan, catch it on fire and then blow it out, blowing his own germs and nastiness all over someone’s food and everything in the blast radius. That was a week ago. Fired him after he did it multiple times after being asked not to. Maybe it’s because of the current state of affairs, but I couldn’t believe a trained cook would do that."


Strangest Stories That Lead To People Firing Their Employees