"CEO ordered me to fire one of my interns because he was trying to hit on one of the other interns the CEO had the hots for."



"I was a bartender/bar manager. This guy came in one night and said he was an aspiring DJ and asked if we would consider hiring him to come in just on Sunday nights to DJ for us. He said we wouldn’t have to pay him at first, he would just take tips and we could renegotiate after he helped to build up our Sunday night crowd.

He lasted less than 3 months. He drove away so much business and I got SO many complaints. He played the same songs every week and when people made requests (for commonly known songs), he had no idea who they (the musicians) were.

I had to fire someone who was working for free. He was a nice guy, which is the only reason he lasted as long as he did."



"I work construction, and one of the subs gave me an invoice with no receipts. Turns out he wanted 30k for 4 weeks of work without paying the companies he rented equipment/dumpsters from. I paid off the companies he owed money to and told him to f@#k off"



"My assistant manager announced to a female coworker that he had officially named both of her b****, after working with her for three years. This was the second time he had said something sexual to her within a week and had to be let go. He was a 47 year old virgin who still lived with his ailing parents. I didn’t know who to be sorry for the most."



"Profanity filled road rage rant through and Ambulance PA system at a crowded intersection.

I had complaints coming in for well over a month."

"The guy had somehow hung on by the skin of his teeth when caught making plastic model funny cars at his desk (pro tip: throwing a newspaper over the model doesn’t hide the smell of the glue), but when a client called complaining about our hero trying to sell him golf clubs out of the trunk of his car, he was gone."



Strangest Stories That Lead To People Firing Their Employees