Your Heart Is Not Prepared For How Wholesome These Couples Are! (39 PICS)

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"Marie's Family Abandoned Her After She Married Jake, Her True Love In 1948. They're Still Happily Married For Over 70 Years Through The Power Of Love"

"Her dad told her, "If you marry that man you will never set foot in this house again." Mary soon learned that most people felt the same way. The first years of their marriage living in Birmingham were hell - no one would speak to them, they couldn’t find anywhere to live because no one would rent to a black man, and they had no money. But they didn't give up.

Gradually life became easier. Mary got teaching jobs, ending up as a deputy headteacher. Jake worked in a factory and then got a job at the Post Office. Slowly they made friends, but it was difficult. Mary used to tell people, "Before I invite you to my home... My husband is black." Some would never talk to her again.

Last year they celebrated their 70th anniversary and they are still very much in love, and never regretted what they did."


"Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Scented Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell And Get Her Out Of Depression"

"Every Day My Parents Play Mario Kart 64 To See Who Will Make A Cuppa Tea. They’ve Done This Religiously Since 2001"

"An Old Man Taking Pictures Of His Wife Without Her Realizing"

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"This Vietnamese Couple Has Been Married For 70 Years"

"Howard Foster And Myra Clark Reconnected And Married More Than 45 Years Later After Racism Forced Them Apart. They Now Hold Hands While They Fall Asleep Every Night"

"60 Years On And My Grandad Still Looks At My Granny With So Much Love"


"He Was Dirt Poor, She Was Rich. Her Family Threatened To Disown Her If She Married Him"

"She decided she loved him more than any inheritance and went on to marry him and have two kids. He loved her so much he died holding her hand. Ladies and gentlemen, my grandparents."

"My Mom Fast Asleep And Holding My Dad's Arm About 30 Minutes Before He Passed Away. I've Never Shared This Photo Before, But Thought It Was A Great Picture Of True Love"

"The Coolest Couple I Know 1972 / 2019"

"He was in law school, so he needed a reader (the university provides them, for the visually impaired). She was his reader. They became friends, and then..."


"Japanese Married Couple Wears Coordinated Outfits Everyday"


"We Were In A Long Line At The Grocery. This Man Said He Had To Go Use The Restroom, But Instead He Secretly Bought Flowers For His Wife And Hid Them Behind His Back"

"The story behind this picture of my grandparents: They have been married for over 60 years. My grandmother is suffering from dementia and has recently had a stroke. But as soon as he walked in she said “that’s my boyfriend Willis” and he laid there with her."


"40 Years, Folks. 40 Years"


"The Couple On The Woodstock Album Cover, Still Together 50 Years Later"

"Candid Shots Show A Victorian Couple From The 1890s Who Cannot Help But Laugh When Getting Their Picture Taken"


"Husband And Wife Getting Wholesomely Weird When No One Is Watching"

"1967-2018 Same Bike, Same Couple"

"Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later"

"My Dad Was Admitted To The Hospital Right Before Christmas. We Didn't Know If He Would Make It Home At All And Especially Not For Christmas"

"This is my parents slow dancing to "I'll be home for Christmas" on Christmas Day."



"Today My Wife Is Officially Under 200 Lbs And I Was Finally Able To Do A Chin Up For The First Time In My Life"

"83 & 84-Year-Old Couple Model Clothes Forgotten At Their Laundry Shop In Taiwan"

"Elderly Man Learns To Do Wife's Makeup Before She Turns Blind"

"Why I love my job so much! Meet Jean and Brian two of our very loyal customers, Brian was in for another makeup lesson today as he does his wife's makeup every day as she is going blind, such a wonderful couple who live their life to the full!"


"The Things My Dad Sends My Mom"


"My Wife Before And After Saying "I Love You""

"This Canadian Couple Got Married Twice"

"After nine months of their marriage, a huge pole dropped on the lady's head, causing her a head injury which further resulted in a memory loss. She had no idea who he was and fell in love with him again. Two years later, they got married again."



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