Hospitality Industry Workers Share Details About Their Celebrity Encounters (29 PICS)

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Jamie Lee Curtis - Described By An Apple Store Employee

"Showed up 30 minutes early, waited outside for us to open. She's amazing."


Keanu Reeves - Described By A Waitress

"He came in for a lunch with a bunch of industry stiffs. Orders a dozen oysters for himself like it's a casual thing to do, He was so polite, so humble, paid for the whole bill. Tipped super well."


Julianne Moore - Described By A Server

"Beautiful, classy and sweet. One of the few celebrities to look you in the eye and say "Thank you"."


Hillary Clinton - Described By A Server

"It was post-election Hillary. She had been through it. So I was thinking maybe she'd want red wine, something relaxing...Hillary Clinton was drinking tequila sodas"


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Drew Barrymore - Described By A Waitress

Gigi & Bella Hadid - Described By A Hostess

"These two are so nice. I can not tell you enough things about them. They're super polite and friendly with staff which is unfortunately rare for celebrities."


Beyonce - Described By A Hostess

"We didn't speak too much. Her and Jay-Z came in , I walked them to the table. But when she left she made sure to look at me with a big smile, and say "Thank you". She was beautiful."


Abby Lee Miller - Described By An Apple Store Employee

"Her character from "Dance Moms" is not a character. She is exactly who you think she is. She was screaming at me."



Dakota Fanning - Described By A Server

"Seems like a really normal person. Met a girlfriend there, split a bottle of white wine. Solid tipper, can't complain."


Nicki Minaj - Described By An Airport Employee

"Wouldn't get off the aircraft until everyone else got off, which she can't do because the flight attendants need to get off...I was a fan before I met her. After...yeah, no."


Zach Galifianakis - Described By An Apple Store Employee

"This guy came in with a giant sun hat on, glasses and fanny pack. I asked "Do you need help with anything". He lowered his glasses and whispered "No". But he was funny."


Amanda Seyfried

"Looks like a beautiful little fairy in person. Came in on a super busy night with her husband but was really sweet and and understanding."



Kylie Jenner - Described By A Hostess

"She was fine, but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill, Do with that information what you will."


Chris Evans - Described By An Airport Employee

"He didn't really talk to anybody. He was low-key not trying to be seen."


Naomi Campbell - Described By A Flight Attendant

"There was many stories of how rude she can be, and was actually banned by the airline I worked at for apparently spitting in a crew members face. She sits on napkins whenever she flies to avoid touching the seat so, plus points for that."


Kim Kardashian - Described By A Flight Attendant

"We were flying from LA to New York. It was a red-eye, she was seriously so sweet... but she did go to the lavatory with no shoes on."



Dakota Johnson - Described By An Airport Employee

"Okay, so, Dakota. She forgot her passport, all the way in LA in the middle of traffic hour, So we had to delay the flight, and she still didn't make it back. But I made fun of her the next time she flew out — she laughed and was super polite."


Josh Peck - Described By A Hostess

"Him and his wife came in for a lunch reservation one day and he was so friendly. I honestly think he's the nicest celebrity I've ever met. It fulfilled all my childhood dreams."


Cameron Dallas - Described By A Hostess

"I kind of had a bad experience with him, Him and his friends called after we were closed and insisted on a table, and kind of pulled a 'Do you know who I am?' moment.""


Glenn Close - Described By A Server

"With Glenn Close always came Pip, and Pip was running the show. Pip had full rein to run around the restaurant as much as he wanted. Not the most fun, but the dog was pretty funny, and it was overall okay."



Kendall Jenner - Described By A Hostess

"This is another one where unfortunately I did not have the best experience with them, She used to come in all the time and was pretty cold toward staff. She also usually has someone else speak for her, and doesn't speak directly to staff."


Nick Jonas - Described By A Hostess

"He came in with his friends one time and he was super normal and chill. Not too much to report on this, but he definitely seems like a nice guy."


Hailey Bieber - Described By A Hostess

"This is gonna be controversial. I've met her handful of times and every time she was not nice. I really want to like her."


Orlando Bloom - Described By An Apple Store Employee

"This guy came in with a motorcycle helmet, went all the way to the back, went to the staircase, which people aren't allowed to go and I went back there, and I said, 'Do you need help with anything?' and he took off his helmet and it was Orlando Bloom."



Bad Bunny - Described By An Airport Employee

"He was super polite. Super nice. He actually took out his hand to shake mine and I died."


Jessica Alba - Described By A Designer

"I had several friends of mine work on set with her, for a show. 'She's not nice' is a phrase that we can use. She loves to rub hummus on her dress. Playing mind games on you. She does this thing where she talks to you while not talking to you."


Katherine Heigl - Described By A Designer

"If 2020 was a career, it would be Katherine Heigl. Friends of mine who have worked on set with her and photoshoots, have told me that she's extremely difficult and always mad."


Jonah Hill - Described By A Waitress

"Now this one was confusing, when I met him, he was standing in the doorway, holding the door open, going, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.' It was either he was trying to get attention, or he was just trying to say thank you. Actually couldn't figure it out. Weird interaction."



Jason Derul - Described By A Disney Employee

"Jason Derulo does not know lyrics to Christmas songs and he had to write the lyrics on his hand, it was kind of embarrassing."




Winnet 2 year s ago
Heres one, I work directly with "celebrities". I won't go into my job details but lets just say I'm in charge of their safety and others safety around them. Had a couple events where Hillary and Beyonce were both there together. Beyonce talked down to everyone like they all were her servants. Biggest diva I have ever seen. Hillary was a monster. I won't go into detail but shes one of the most evil people I've worked with. The secret service workers for her agreed. Worst jobs they had taken. Jay-z was very nice although. Easy guy to talk to.
Important 2 year s ago
Thank you. I can't stand either one of them and now I don't have to feel bad for slagging Bey who is IMO only an average singer. Without JayZ she'd be forgotten like her co-Destiny's Child partners.
Jos 2 year s ago
#5 She’s not unattractive, but gorgeous isn’t a word I would use to describe Drew. Maybe women think she’s gorgeous?
Glory 2 year s ago
Gorgeous may describe her personality here.
Mat 2 year s ago
So, some nice, some rude, sounds like a crossection of the people of the world.
Tine 2 year s ago
Mat, the people outing them sound quite unprofessional, though.
Onnie 2 year s ago
#21, for what it's worth, I don't talk directly to my staff either.
Anderson 2 year s ago
RE-DO this with politicians to be judged. They're the worst ever.
Lucas 2 year s ago
I though Jessica Alba would have been super nice, but that description was just weird.
Joanne 2 year s ago
#17 massiv boobs
Jackie 2 year s ago
#4 HAHAHAHA! Burn in Hell, hag.
Nollie 2 year s ago
Nice or not I feel sorry for everyone who has to put up with these people. Many of them should not be let out in public without supervision.
Ophi 2 year s ago
While some have better or worse manners I suspect many situations depends on the mood, weather etc.




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