How Did They Manage To Miss These Movie Mistakes During Production?! (18 PICS + 5 GIFS)

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"In Cats, they literally forgot to CGI Dame Judi Dench's wedding ring off of her hand. I mean paw. I mean hand."

"And they didn't even bother making Rebel Wilson's hand appear less ~human~ in some parts of the movie trailers, either."


"In Quantum of Solace, you can spot one of the worst extras in movie history sweeping way above the actual ground."

"In Avengers: Endgame, during the final battle scene, Ant Man was in the van, trying to turn on the quantum tunnel. In the next shot, it showed him giant and fighting the bad guys. Then, a few seconds later, it showed him back in the van again."

"In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby entered the house completely soaked from the rain, but later on in the same scene, his clothes and hair were 100% dry."

"In Soul Surfer, they wrapped green tape around AnnaSophia Robb's arm to digitally remove it in the movie, but in the trailer they forgot to edit it out."

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"In The Incredibles, part of the animation on Mr. Incredible's upper lip disappeared for a split second, showcasing an extra tooth where teeth shouldn't be."

"In Crazy Rich Asians, the actor who played Rachel's TA at New York University in the beginning of the movie mysteriously made his way into the final scene, which took place in Singapore."

"In Titanic, Jack mentioned that he went ice fishing on Lake Wissota, but that lake wasn't formed until 1917, five years after the Titanic sank."

"In Lucy, the whole plot revolved around how humans only use 10% of their brains, but real neurologists confirmed that virtually every part of the brain is always in use."


"In Never Been Kissed, Josie and her friends made a giant poster with the number pi on it, but they labeled pi incorrectly. It's actually 3.14159."

"In Gravity, Sandra Bullock's tears floated off of her face as she cried, but because of space's incredibly strong surface tension, real tears would actually stay on your face the whole time."'

"In Grease, the waitress tried to turn off the light switch with her elbow but missed it completely. The lights still turned off anyway a second later."

"In The Aviator, Howard Hughes requested 10 chocolate chip cookies while editing his movie Hell's Angels, but chocolate chip cookies weren't invented until 1930, two years after the scene would have taken place."

"In Miss Congeniality, Cheryl hit Gracie with the rose bouquet, and the petals fell off...until a few seconds later, when they magically reappeared."


"In Hitch, Will Smith's character had an allergic reaction, causing one side of his face to swell up. Later on, the swelling switched to the opposite side of his face."

"In To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Lara Jean's cardigan was inside out in one shot but then switched to the correct way in the next shot.

"In Leap, they showed the construction of a green Statue of Liberty, but in reality it didn't turn green until around 1920, nearly 35 years after the copper statue was erected."

"In The Karate Kid, kicking an opponent in the head is an illegal move and would be grounds for disqualification in any tournament, yet that's exactly how Daniel won."

"In Doctor Strange, Dr. Strange and Dr. Palmer performed brain surgery without wearing surgical masks, but in real life these masks are required in all operating rooms."


"In Mean Girls, Cady was from Africa, but the picture in her room was of her riding an Asian elephant, not an African one."

"Also in Mean Girls, Cady accidentally scared Janis and Damian, which made them spill popcorn everywhere. In the next shot, the popcorn bowl was magically refilled."

"And, of course, in American Sniper, they tried to trick us by using a fake baby, and Bradley Cooper literally had to move the doll's hand with his finger to make it look more real."

Lucas 1 year ago
#12 I think they mean water’s surface tension.
Madge 1 year ago
# 12 'Open your mouth. No, open your other mouth.' -Dr. Zoidberg.
Hepsibah 1 year ago
in winter soldier Cap jumps out of the plane without a parachute and dives into the ocean. When he climbs onto the Ship to rescue the hostages and throughout that scene he is completely dry.
Pinckney 1 year ago
some of the mistakes cost to much money to remove - so they sh#t on it to hope no1 notice the mistake....thats not a missing because they didnt notice the mistake ...
u cant recreate a whole scene after cutting ..... that would be expensive as [email protected]#k...
Tine 1 year ago
Pinckney, of course someone will see it (and they know it; still too expensive though). That is how todays society has become; everyone is looking for flaws in others, and averything is taken in the worst meaning possible. Just look at the cancel culture BS.
Octavia 1 year ago
Tine, well yes, but 99% of the people still just watch it and do not recognize the mistakes listed above. What's harder to ignore are plot mistakes...

I would have spotted none of the above mistakes, btw



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