Alexandra 1 year ago
Blah blah blah.
Jos 1 year ago
Don’t put accelerants on bonfires!
Si 1 year ago
#6 Soooo, should I put accelerants into a bonfire?
Elsey 1 year ago
Si, yes, it's safe to pour a 5 gallon container on a bonfire.
Cammie 1 year ago
#17 They will find a treatment for cancer using the same technology of mRNA vaccines. It might not be a cure but people will take pill and the cancer dies when their own body kills it.

"Smoking will kill you.

"Nah... cancer won't get to me" you might say, and you'd be statistically right.

It'll be your heart.

In the simplest of terms, smoking makes your arteries rigid, so as they progressively get filled with fat, instead of increasing their diameter they'll just get stuffed until no more blood can get through and you'll be done.

If you're lucky you'll get some chest pains beforehand but that's not always the case.

"Joke's on you sucka! I got a heart attack and survived, death ain't got [email protected]#t on me!"

Welcome to the world of chronic heart failure where from now on every day that goes by your heart will be less a pump and more a container, until you get out of breath from just speaking and eventually die. There's no going back.

Please stop smoking."



"Your immune system is one of the greatest assets you have and you never thank it. In your life, your body will autonomously eradicate between 6-10 cancers without your realising. It will fight your infections, repair micro traumas and police the entire population of billions of cells in your body without your asking.

All it requests in return is a little bit of health to preserve it. Stop smoking, lose weight. Maybe exercise a little. Don't drink so much. Your diet is so much more important that you realise."



"Australian paramedic intern here. we are not the police and we really honestly don't care about any of the [email protected]#t, illegal or not, you have done or taken. we just need the full story to make sure that you can get the best targeted treatment. also, we don't mind getting called to old people falling and not being able to get up, especially if they have no family or no way to contact them. for me, that's a medical emergency, because if you stay there you will die and paramedic school taught me that that is bad for you."


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