Alexandra 1 year ago
Blah blah blah.
Jos 1 year ago
Don’t put accelerants on bonfires!
Si 1 year ago
#6 Soooo, should I put accelerants into a bonfire?
Elsey 1 year ago
Si, yes, it's safe to pour a 5 gallon container on a bonfire.
Cammie 1 year ago
#17 They will find a treatment for cancer using the same technology of mRNA vaccines. It might not be a cure but people will take pill and the cancer dies when their own body kills it.

"Doctor here. Don't stop your medications by yourself. Just don't, no matter how good you feel. Patients stop antibiotics and relapse. So many resistant TB cases here. Stop taking insulin and come with DKA. Stop taking anti-hypertensives and get a stroke. Don't stop any drug unless cleared prior with your doctor. Most of the diseases can only be managed, they can't really be cured. If you have diabetes, get sugar levels tested at least once a month. Don't ignore it. Don't mix alcohol and anti-depressants. Also, no matter how bad it is, we have seen worse. Don't be ashamed. Pull out doesn't mean she won't get pregnant. Precum has sperm too. Last, if you see anyone vomiting and loss conscious, turn them to their side. Less chances of it entering lungs."



"Prostrate is to throw yourself onto the ground.

Prostate is the gland that can make it hard to pee. (or give you cancer). "



"The 10% of your brain thing is a myth. So is most left/right-brained stuff you hear. Stop asking me about it."



"If you want to keep hands/fingers/upper limbs intact:

Do not punch a wall/car door/guy in the face/brick, etc. You will end up with a "boxer's fracture," or a break of your fifth metacarpal bone. Most of the time everyone will know you were drunk when it happened and it's not comfortable or fun.

Do not reach into the chute of a running snow-blower, even if it's stopped because something is stuck in there.

Do not attempt to fix your chain-driven garage door opener by putting your fingers in the track and asking your wife to "hit the button."

Do not reach into an auger at work trying to retrieve your safety glove that just fell in there.

Do not hold onto something at work that winches rope.

If you have a wound on your hand/fingers/arm, and it is oozing something that looks green, yellow, white, or pink, go to the doctor and have it looked at. You may save yourself from an amputation.

Source: I'm an RN at an orthopedic surgery center. All of these things have happened NUMEROUS times. And yes, archaic as it seems, sometimes people have to get fingers or even hands amputated (in this day and age!) because they ignored an infection."


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