Have you been searching for some online slot jokes and puns? You came to the right place! We’ve curated some of the best jokes on the internet and from leading casino sites. If you’re a gaming fan, sit back and have a chuckle at some of these. The good, the bad and the lame are here.

First, what are slot machines?


Online slot and video slots titles are gambling games found at online casinos where you generally need to match symbols across a grid to win. They're a progression from old-school fruity machines where you pulled a lever and made use of hold and nudge features to "get onto the board" and play for bigger cash prizes. Online slots are much more advanced than these older games, with better soundtracks, detailed animations and even narratives to the game. Moreover, the mechanics and mathematics behind the newer titles are much more sophisticated, unlocking the potential for new, exciting and innovative bonus games.


You can enjoy online slots with an array of themes on the best casino sites. From modernised "fruitys" to games based on your latest Netflix binge, there's hardly a theme that hasn't already been covered. But that's enough about them. Let's take a look at some of the best jokes based on this pastime from the internet.

Slot machine jokes


#1: New Wheels


My friend told me how easy it was to win on the slots in Las Vegas. He told me a story of how we drove to Vegas in a $500 car, won the jackpot on lots of slot games and drove home in a $500,000 Ferrari.


I thought I would do the same and headed to Vegas in my $500 car and played the slots all day. I, too, came back in a vehicle worth much more than my $500 car.


The Greyhound Bus.

#2: Winning the Jackpot


A man and his wife move to Las Vegas after many years of considering the move. On the first day, the man walks to his local casino and plays the slot machine.


He runs back home after winning the jackpot and tells his wife all about it. He tells her to pack her bags. She asks if she should pack for a warm or cool weather holiday.


He says it doesn’t matter as long as you’re out of the house by today.

#3: The sick wife


A beggar is sat outside of a Vegas casino, asking passers-by to spare him some change. A well-dressed man approaches, and the beggar tells him he needs to raise money to pay for his wife's emergency surgery. The man says if he gives him some money, he will just put it into a slot machine inside.


The man replies, of course not; I already have my gambling money.

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