Cole 1 year ago
And these are why we don't let high-schoolers vote: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Learn the difference between net wealth and usable income; why higher taxes create less government income (gaffer curve); why minimum wage will always be unlivable and that 95% of people only receive it while being a dependent; that the share of wealth is changing because people are living longer; that the majority of the homeless want to be there, and most of the others require involuntary psychiatric treatment.
Harman 1 year ago
Cole, Facts, all.
Art 1 year ago

lol want to cite some sources for your right-wing fantasies.
Quillie 9 month s ago

Liberals always have trouble with facts and reason.
Cinderella 1 year ago
#2 yeah um, those guys have that money because they have businesses which are paying customers, keeping manufacturing, processing, and delivery services alive, and have stores with jobs.

Welfare mom is a net loss, they use without producing for the economy.
Claire 1 year ago
Average yearly cost of ALL welfare programs is about $3,000 per person in the US.
Average yearly cost of tax breaks for the rich is about $7,500 per person in the US.
Average time someone stays on welfare before returning to economic productivity < 3 years.
Average time rich people continue to receive massive tax breaks: TBD.

Your politicians have been bought (both Republican and Democrat). The system is stacked against the middle and lower classes, and has been since 1980 (with around $50trillion that would have gone to the lower classes being moved to the 1% since then.)
Pam 1 year ago
Claire, Incorrect. You make the assumption that welfare is limited to simply food stamps and/or housing. In actuality, Medicare, Medicaid & CHIP, Income Security, and Social Security are actually a part of what's called Mandatory Spending, because Americans want benefits but don't want to pay for anything. In 2019 alone this amounted to 2.3 trillion dollars. The lower and higher income brackets actually benefit the leasr from all of the entitlement programs in the U.S.; the bulk of the money goes to the middle class.

Suprise! You've been the "evil elites" the whole time.
Muriel 1 year ago

There is no "cost" to a "tax break." The money does not belong to the government...it belongs to the person who earned it. The total share of taxes paid by "the rich" has been going up, not down. We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.
Vannie 1 year ago
I’m sorry is this The Daily Worker or izismile? You Russians still commies ?
Midge 1 year ago
so much wrong with these half truths. ill address that homelessness is never going away. otherwise those charity programs and govt programs would cease to exist which will kill 1000s of jobs. so fed employers dont want that.. also you cant stick everyone in an aircraft carrier. remember when they tried to build Chicago projects?
Relief 1 year ago
If you counted to 1 million with one number every second, it would take you just over 11 1/2 days. That's a long time to count, right? If you counted to Jeff Bezos net worth (currently 193.6 billion) it would take you over 6,139 goddamn years.
Loren 1 year ago
Wealth is on a power curve. No matter what you do, there is always somebody with LOTS more than the median and a loooong tail with very little. The reason the rich are SO rich is that the median is more wealthy than ever before in human history.
Lainie 1 year ago
Loren,True. So many people in the developed world have no clue how well off and protected they really are and how good they have it. For example, what's considered middle class in Venezuela would be ranked as poor in the USA. Unfortunately too many people in wealthy countries don't have a clue of how good they have it and of the incredible opportunities they have at their disposal and instead have been indoctrinated to believe they live in a horrible terrible place. How very unfortunate. If they only knew they live in the best of all possible places not only now but compared to any point in human history. The age of Idiocracy.
Delf 1 year ago
Taxation is theft.
Statism: The most dangerous cult in existence,
and the one with the highest body count by far.
Demaris 1 year ago
#9 you have to factor in ex wives, do that and your broke after the 3rd one.
now justify the reason a woman gets to take half or your stuff but you get 0 of her stuff..........................when "SHE" files for divorce?

#7 there are ~ 330,000,000 + firearms in the US, in 2019 there were 39,707 deaths caused by firearms

this means that of the 39707 people killed with a firearm only 0.012032424% of the firearms were used

that also mean that 99.987967576% of the firearms weren't used to kill anyone

in the hand of the public in the US, guns have a 99.981% safety record
Wyncha 1 year ago
I love how everything one thinks they know everything by doing a Google search.
Alverta 1 year ago
So this place is turning into commie central. Just like the US I guess.

"For anyone wanting context, Stakhanov was a common caricature for a while in soviet culture (based on a real person), about people who go way above and beyond in their job. Like a chuck norris, but for manual labor.

It started out serious (the real person apparently hauled 100 tons of coal in 6 hours), and he was promoted as a person to be emulated. But the tales got more and more outlandish as time went on, as people got disillusioned with the whole idea"


These People Really Did The Math!