Lester 8 month s ago
#4 Portugal. Not true. In the supermarket half a pint of beer is chepaer than 1,5 liter of juice, but the same amount of wine/beer is not cheaper than teh same amount ofjuice. Also only one rest stop on the highway that does something like that, but rest stops on highways are 4 times more expensive than a regular restaurant. We only eat in the rest stops if we are in a hurry and/or it is to late to go to a restaurant. Always cheaper to exit the highway, eat and return to the highway, but usually 30min/1hour more than eating in the highway, so not always possible
Horace 8 month s ago
When I vacationed in Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic I was pleasantly surprised with how well English was spoken by many folks, and how welcoming and generous they were. Great beer helped.
Horace 8 month s ago
I was in Amsterdam for New Year's Eve and the locals told me to buy a big bottle of champagne and cups and just share with it strangers in the plaza, which was great fun! Then guys started putting huge bottle-rocket fireworks in the champagne bottles and firing them off right in the middle of a giant crowd. I thought, "wow, the lawyers haven't arrived here yet."
Hiel 8 month s ago
#15 Sheldon Cooper fun fact...in most Countries, Beer (distilled) was safer than water so many are accustomed to consuming large amounts drinks drinks
Stephen 8 month s ago
Hiel, Um, beer isn't distilled it's fermented. But I would imagine that the beer makers try to get the best and cleanest water they can.
Jefferson 8 month s ago
#20 Yeah, why is that? Maybe because of a homogenic society?
Ivy 8 month s ago
Jefferson, correct! When diverse ingredients are equally mixed throughout, with no imbalances, the ideal homogenous form is reached. Not only in chemistry, but society as well.
Lidia 8 month s ago
Ivy, Examples?
Ian 8 month s ago
Lidia, you have the entire internet at your fingertips. Educate youself... and not with Facebook.
Obedience 8 month s ago

Obviously you weren't blessed with an overabundance of schooling. In Nordic countries it is common for mothers to leave their infants out in the cold even to sleep. They also have one of the strictest immigration policies and do not admit refuges unlike the Netherlands and check out how those countries are doing. Not well.
Maureen 8 month s ago
In Texas it is 900 miles top to bottom and 860 from Orange in the east to El Paso in the west. Bring food and water and someone to help you drive.
Nan 8 month s ago

In Western Australia it’s 2,200 miles from Kununurra to Augusta, and you don’t even leave the state
Matthias 8 month s ago

...in Bonsall, CA it's 487 feet from Smith's cow pasture to Perry's Cafe on the corner.
Mack 8 month s ago
Matthias, I know Bonsall, close to Fallbrok.
Matthias 8 month s ago
lol....that's the one! Perry's Cafe isn't there anymore but back in the day.....it was 487 feet from Smith's cow pasture! have a great day Mack.
Mave 8 month s ago
Maureen, Kenora to Cornwall is +2,000 km (1,250 miles). Both are in Canada's province of Ontario.
Lil 8 month s ago
#1 Been nearly 40 years since I had mayo spooged over my frite in Germany. Still love it.
Abigail 8 month s ago
#14 high IQ society without diversity is a wonderful sight.
Abigail 8 month s ago
#20 of course. High IQ society without diversity is a wonderful sight.
Elminie 8 month s ago
Why must internet comments always include racism? It's like being spit on unexpectedly after a nice conversation. #14 years of being colonized will do that to you. #20 strong government programs will do that to you
Ian 8 month s ago
Elminie, because they are seething racists that blame every single thing on race. They can't help their ignorance, but thankfully they're a dying generation.
Theodora 8 month s ago
#24 I had a car like that once!
Wendy 8 month s ago

me too. I got rid of it.
Ruminta 8 month s ago
NUMBER 16 When you make a comment that where you live if someone smiles at you as yo walk by you might get beaten ....WHERE?
Number 26. Albania is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Chain stores don't try as the local governments and crime thugs try to extort incredible amounts of money for them to open then demand "protection" money after that. I spoke with a gentleman who owns 17 Jack in the Box fast food places here in Vegas and I asked him about opening stores in Europe or Asia and he just shook his head and talked about how in he was visiting in Eastern Europe and thought about doing just that as he figured he would have al ock on it. THEN he found out why. They told him about FEES in addion to "Inspectors' and the people in the office were honest enough to tell him Albanian mafie would demand huges amount of money to start building as they controlled all the building in the city and then would demand protection moey from American business'. Later as he spoke to other businessmen he said no one wants to build in these Eastern countries because they are totally controlled by criminal organazations.

And even thought Putin taking back these countries and putting them under the old Soviet Bloc would take care of all the local mobsters and maybe they could do business there. They ACTUALLY supported Putin doing this.
Beda 8 month s ago
#18 Yeah, because sadly, some people are @$$h0les in a way that affects all others too...

I live in Norway, in one of the "big" cities here(I realize that a city with a pop under 300k isn't, on an international scale, BIG, but it's one of the biggest we have :P ). A few years ago, the municipality refurbished one of the bus stations here, including building 3 bathrooms with a toilet, a sink and a baby changing station, which were free to use for anyone.

Not ONE WEEK after opening, they closed the bathrooms. Why? Because some feckless [email protected] went out of their way to destroy the bathrooms beyond repair. Mirrors and wall tiles were smashed, sinks were ripped out of the walls, exposing the water pipes so it was flooded, baby changing stations and toilets were demolished into dust, TP and soap dispensers were destroyed, and they had shat and pissed on the floors for good measure. The ones responsible were never caught.

It took 3-4 months for the municipality to clean it up and rebuild the bathrooms, and when they opened again you'd have to pay ~$2 to use them. Also, to further prevent having to repair more than necessary, on the second time around they went for that "prison look": Steel toilet with no ring, same for the sink and dispensers and sh!t. No baby station, as there isn't one of those that is immune to vandalism, and they had to cut so much into their operating budget in order to rebuild, that they could no longer afford heating. So now, you pay ~$2 for freezing your @$$ of on a steel toilet.
Thaddeus 8 month s ago
#16 Apparently the rest of the world thinks that everyone in America has a gun and will shoot you if you look at them.
Cindy 8 month s ago
#10 I was born in the midwest (Missouri) and this bothers me too. I don't have an electric kettle but couldn't imagine not having at least a stovetop kettle.
Onicyphorous 8 month s ago
Germany. I had an exchangestudent from the U.S. living in my house for a year. He was baffled about things I never put a thought in. For example:
Loitering is allowed on all public places and spaces at any given time.
You can consume alcohol at public spaces.
Police is friendly and helpful
He did not see any Nazi flying a Swastica flag (Had a lot of those back home)

"My husband is from Portugal, and when we visited I realized that a beer or a half bottle of wine is cheaper than a bottle of juice. Also, the food at rest stops along the highway is amazing. It's not fast food, but a buffet of local favorites from whatever region you’re in."

Biggest Culture Shocks Experienced By People Who Traveled To Foreign Countries