Ask many people about their most popular leisure pursuit, and two of the topics likely to appear high on the list are travel and dating. If these suggestions strike a chord, have you ever contemplated the alluring possibility of combining the two? Just imagine the exciting journeys you could be planning if they were involved, not just a spot of sightseeing, but doing so in the company of sexy local singles. Let’s take the example of traveling coast to coast in the USA, hooking up with local talent en route.


Register with an international dating service


The best way of preparing for an adventure would be to take advantage of the increasing number of digital matchmaking resources. Most of these offer free registration, and once you’ve completed the straightforward application process, you can begin introducing yourself in the online chat rooms. You could narrow down your choice of potential dating sites to those aimed at finding customers a local hookup. There will be a discreet communication channel available, allowing you to get to know individuals by exchanging regular messages. As you develop a rapport, engage in conversations about planning to meet up somewhere before embarking on your trans-American sortie.

Stay in a hostel or guesthouse


Hotels often cater to people who are traveling ‘seriously,’ perhaps professionals conducting business trips, honeymooning couples, or families on vacation. But if you want to see America on more of a budget, with the added incentive of mixing with like-minded individuals, then think of guesthouses or Airbnb-type accommodation. Before submitting any request, carefully work out your spending.


If you don’t mind slumming it – coach surf!


An even more economical method of traveling and keeping an eye out for prospective partners would be combining socializing with finding somewhere different to bed down. This informal arrangement would curtail much of the expensive outlays while introducing you to a cross-section of affable single locals.


Plan your itinerary around big occasions


A terrific time to touch down in any particular destination is to coincide your appearance with key local events. So pay close attention to ‘what’s on’ notifications in various media. Sign up for alerts from US tourist agencies about locations of art festivals, concert tours, gallery openings, and, of course, hot singles nights.


Check out social media


There are all sorts of topics liable to trend on social media, and travel consistently tops that list. A platform like Instagram would be an ideal place to start. Because this is such a visual medium, you’ll gain an excellent impression of the striking scenery awaiting you in different States and also the individuals you could hook up with. Start by adding a ‘like’ to the photos someone is uploading. If you reach out to follow each other, the path would be clear for you to exchange direct messages. The more images you endorse and texts you share, the greater the sense of chemistry you could develop. In no time, you’ll be making plans to arrange a rendezvous somewhere suitably romantic. This won’t seem like a blind date as you’ll already know so much about each other.


As the worldwide workforce becomes more inclined to hotdesk, you’ll find increasing opportunities to work from remote locations. You’ll need to take on board a host of admin tasks, such as sorting out your travel finances and taking local cultural traditions into account. But with a modicum of research undertaken by consulting online travel guides and blogs or simply grabbing a handful of information brochures from your local travel agent, you could pave the way for an intense holiday romance.

USA Travel Guide: How to Travel and Meet Local Singles?