3 Oddball ways to use a storage ottoman with your modular sectional

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Whether male or female, you can’t go wrong with a sectional in your bachelor pad. In fact, many a young man has been given a sectional for their first place, whether it was a garage loft, basement, or their own apartment. Dads, older brothers, and even moms understand the versatility of a sectional. They may even have a used one that you can have for free.

But why is it such a big deal to have a sectional? What good are they? While older sectionals didn’t have a lot to offer other than really comfortable lounging, new models are offering a lot of perks that are perfect for young adults who like to hang out with their friends. And, a sectional can give you more entertainment than you might think, especially when paired with an ottoman.

Here are some of the funniest ways you and your buddies can enjoy a sectional with a storage ottoman.

3 Oddball ways to use a storage ottoman with your modular sectional

The ultimate mad lib session made better

Remember mad libs? Do you like would you rather games? What about Pictionary, Whose Line Is It Anyway, or even a simple game of charades? These types of interactive brain games are even funnier when you play them with outrageous friends on a sectional. If you get a newer sectional sofa with an ottoman you can usually arrange the modular pieces into different configurations, including a closed square perfect for putting the spotlight on the person presenting for others’ guesses.

D&D on steroids

Dungeons and Dragons may not be as popular as it was when your parents were in college, but it is still a game that offers a world of entertainment (pun intended). While most people think of D&D as a nerd’s game, role-playing sessions can quickly become outrageous (and hilarious) as people’s characters interact in odd ways.

In fact, D&D can be one of the raunchiest, most ridiculous games out there, but anyone who hasn’t been part of one of these gaming sessions can’t understand just how true that is. A sectional puts everyone at ease, lounging in comfort, but still able to access dungeon maps, dice, and other game materials. The storage ottoman gives you perfect storage for your gaming modules, miniatures, extra dice, and specialized books for developing worlds or characters, while also giving a surface for those things during play.

It might make more sense to play such games at a large table, but the sectional couch is much more comfortable and makes everyone more at ease, which automatically leads to even funnier game sessions. Choose online modular sectional sofa with an ottoman for the ultimate experience.

Jumping on the board game and card game craze

In the last 5 years board games and card games have been taken to a whole new level. Far from traditional games like Monopoly, PayDay, or even Mouse Trap (which is hours of hilarity you can also enjoy on your modular sectional), these board games are complex – and expensive.

The most popular board games and card games can be played with several people, but may not actually take up that much surface space. While it can be difficult for multiple people to be able to reach a game board or card layout from around a large dining or gaming table, a sectional gives everyone equal access to the play area.





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