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You must be put some storng keywords to read your content.

There is a category of people who actively set up advertisements, buy Instagram followers, promote posts, believing that financial injections will ensure results. Advertising works effectively in conjunction with an involving factor. Ignoring the current fact means losing money. In this article, we'll look at how to involve with text content and make it a powerful channel of influence.


Basic rules for strong writing on social media

The key rules of strong text are relevant both for text formats, such as posting for Instagram, and when writing scripts for videos such as reels, stories, live broadcasts.

The first principle is to write more than you plan to publish. Then shorten the text by 20-30 percent to remove all unnecessary details. Nowadays, people's attention is scattered and it is difficult to absorb large amounts of information, so concentrated volume is appreciated.

Secondly, it is important to avoid formal style and speak about complex matters in the client language. Don't use clichés being not perceived by a person, for instance, a team of professionals, the best conditions, a guarantee of the result. They do not provide any additional information and dirty the text.

Always reflect the author's position because communicating your attitude makes the text strong. A person trusts you with his time and expects that you will take him by the hand and lead in optimally. The transfer of personal experience is appreciated in times higher than theory.

Don't pressure the client. Many people perceive the sales content as an opportunity to urge buying a product many times. Selling text is one that provides a sufficient argument base for making a decision. It's worth showing how the product solves the client's problems, pains. No need to use advertising pressing: discounts, urge several times to follow the link. Otherwise, a person turns on the anti-advertisement filter, and a product presentation will not work.

How to influence your audience with hot cognition

Always keep the amplitude of emotions high. We live in the era of impressions, so rational arguments are not enough for people. We must transmit energy to inspire. Emotion transfers communication from an abstract level to an interpersonal one.

Create a text as an artist. Modern man thinks visually, so use more details, colors, smells, textures that arise associations.

Use as much specificity as possible: examples, numbers, interesting facts — this is what remains from reading. The statistic is important not only within the context of the post, it's read from your account. In order to raise the level of audience trust, it is important to maximize quantity indicators, buy real Instagram followers, increase the number of likes and comments. People follow influencers and on social media, this impression can be easily created.

An important element is a storytelling. People are interested in the history of the product's formation, so write in the form of examples, embed mini cases in the text.

Finally, the text is a powerful involvement tool, and using its capabilities to the maximum will lead to converting clients.

How to increase your Instagram audience reach with text