If you’re into gambling to make money, you need to set yourself up with a good casino. Only then can you get fantastic return-to-player percentages and a considerable ROI. But of course, choosing between one casino and another is only possible if you know what to look for. Not to worry- we have come up with critical criteria on which you can rely as you make this crucial decision:


The Licensing

Before you even sign up on a site, you must investigate if it has proper licensing from a gaming authority. All casinos worth their salt, including 888 CASINO and other big players in the industry, have such licensing. This licensing works in two ways. First, it ensures that the casino has undergone enough fairness checks, deeming its games suitable for random play. Secondly, it gives you a voice as a player, enabling you to raise concerns on lack of payment, concerns about the games, and other matters that affect you. Licensed casinos always go out of their way to please customers to ensure they do not lose their licenses.

So, how do you compare casinos based on licenses? In the first stage, you eliminate all casinos that do not have licenses. Then you verify with the gaming authorities if the licenses are valid and ignore casinos with fake or outdated licenses. For the final stage, you pick casinos with licensing from strict authorities and ignore those with lenient authorities. You should have a handful of casinos by now and should be ready to use the next check.


The Games Available

You are playing to win real money, but this is only possible if you find enough games to try. For example, if you sign up to a site with 100 games, you will have fewer chances of winning compared to someone using a site with 1,000 games. But the game selection is not only in quantity but also in quality. Does the casino offer demos and free games? Can you play the games in the selection?

A good casino should offer you an all-rounded experience- be it table games, live streaming, and even slots. You should have the opportunity to try your hand at virtually everything. Eliminate casinos that do not serve your gaming needs. While at it, also investigate the software providers and whether the return-to-player percentages in the casinos are favorable. You can get all this information from third-party review sites to give you a nudge in the right direction.