What are the Differences Between Test Prep and Taking the Actual Test?

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Most people get nervous during tests for reasons they cannot explain. That is not always the case with prep tests, perhaps because we know we still have a second chance to do better. Preps are meant to prepare you for the final test, and it helps to treat them with the same urgency.

Getting ready for an exam requires more than just testing your knowledge of the subject. You may need to go out of your way and read PrepScholar reviews from people in the same position. Learning from their experiences could enrich your own, although it helps to note yours may be different. Still, knowing someone else is nervous about the paper eases your own anxiety, somehow.

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Here are three ways that prep tests differ from the actual tests.

The People and The Room

On prep days, you probably have the choice to take the test online or at least at a place with a handful of people. There will be other test-takers on the actual test day, and you may feel nervous simply for being in this physical situation. There is also this time when it looks and feels as though everyone else knows what to write but yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take every moment at a time and not think about what everyone else is doing. Focusing on yourself and your job will get you the results you deserve.

No Material for Reference

When reading an EduReviewer pamphlet, you can refer to the site for any information given there if you need to make any verification. That’s the same with the prep test: you can refer to your notes when you get something wrong. You do not have this option during the actual test. You are to rely 100% on your memory and the prep you had done previously, which sometimes throws people off. The interesting bit is that actual tests are sometimes easier than preps, but the mind doesn’t always know that. Knowing this eases the mind and puts you in a position to do even better with less anxiety.

Less Anxiety

Somehow lots of people freak out on test days, no matter how well they have prepared. It is not to say that you think you will fail, but sometimes the brain seems to trick you that you haven’t been doing as well as you thought you were. What causes anxiety when you are about to do something mentally demanding? The thought that a lot rides on the answers you are about to write sends all sorts of messages to the brain that result in mounting anxiety levels. There is not much one can do about that but let the brain relax when it’s ready. For most people, nerves settle after the first 5-10 minutes of starting an exam.

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How to be Better Prepared for an Exam

      Use the prep to get ready.
      Show up at the exam venue way before the exam. If you are doing it online, being there 10 minutes before gives you the time you need to calm your nerves.
      Take your time during the exam. As long as you are timing yourself, there is no sense in rushing through a paper just to sit and wait for the rest of the class.
      Breathe: it’s the easiest way to calm the mind when anxiety strikes.


You have been reading enough PrepsScholar review papers during your study break, so you will be alright. If it helps, remember your colleagues are just as anxious about the exam as you are. Tests are naturally hard for most people, but we still do them anyway.






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