Reynold 11 month s ago
#36 See that the bank and hockey team that were organisers of this have apologized. It was meant as fun, but was not seen as such by most others. The participants each got an extra $500 as a result of the apology. But in the US teachers are expected to use their own money to buy resources for their students. wtf America?
Sheldon 11 month s ago

I agree with you. American voters need to do a better job in financially supporting our schools and teachers. Its seems that too often, any money voted in goes to the school admin. Not right.
Lucille 11 month s ago
Sheldon, The saddest part is the politicians always threaten the salaries of teachers, fire fighters and police when there is a budget issue. The public actually want all of those funded and they are used as pawns.
California legalized the lottery by saying the proceeds would go to schools. Then the politicians just took all the funds that the lottery covered. Politicians are just professional thieves.
Middy 11 month s ago

First of all, in the US, education should be a matter for the States, not the federal government. Secondly. on average, the $ per student per classroom in the US exceeds almost every other country on the planet. The problem is the money does not get to the classrooms. Rather, the administrators s#ck up all the funds with their own salaries, diversity consultants and other left wing BS. In most school systems, there is a 2:1 ratio of administrators to teachers. That is the problem, not a lack of funding.
Ernest 11 month s ago
Hey - first, I appreciate your perspective.
Second, your understanding of educational funding is incorrect and clearly based off of the larger media and political action campaign largely motivated by the current alignment of the GOP and fundamental religious groups to shift the education system to one more aligned with Christian values - which is evident through recent efforts to include creationism alongside evolution, amongst other things such as restricted awareness of the USA role in global slavery (both current forms and historic).

Now, the classic response would be to say that I am a 'left wing' 'diversity consultant', which - as a former oil executive and middle aged white guy who likes money - can not be further from the truth.

So, consider that you are being manipulated whenever you hold strong emotions/points of view for anything that isn't life threatening. If you do manage to achieve that moment of self awareness, take it and be your own person - do not repeat whatever the media has fed you.
Following 11 month s ago
Ernest, if you think our education system is aligned with GOP and Christian values you are as clueless as can be.
Fina 11 month s ago

Did not say that it was.

I said that those looking to affect the US educational system are pushing it in that direction by restricting teachable subject matter - namely, to directly stupidify the populous, or by teaching them subject matter that is adherent to the christian right perspective - both of which makes the people of the USA easier to rule.
Boston 11 month s ago

Incorrect. Your statement a liberal / progressive position and further reveal yourself when you assert that the purpose is to "stupidify (sic) the populous" and [make] "the people of the USA easier to rule". That is a conspiracy theory and demonstrably false. Teachers generally just want to teach the usual things like math and reading. I would also argue that Reynolds is wrong.
Fina 11 month s ago

Hiya, thanks for your absolute statements.

You identify teachers as wanting to do usual things - I agree. 100%.

However, your reference to 'conspiracy theory' is a well documented effort by GOP and christian right members & legislators affecting the educational curriculum and practices of each school board/district as well as manipulating the funding to said boards/districts.

This practice is evidenced and undisputable, and part of a larger and longer-term program by the christian right to secure their perspective in the Supreme Court (Accomplished in 2020), and education system (ongoing, but look no further than kentucky for a prime example).

So, appreciating your input - I wasn't referring to teachers.

I also didn't 'reveal [my]self' to anything, just conveying the facts in plain language.

Go hug a teacher - their jobs are not getting any easier with political interference.
Nathan 11 month s ago

I agree that the federal government should not be involved. They've gotten around it by providing states with funds, then threatening to withdraw the funding if states don't do what they want. I'm lucky enough to have two kids in private school. It isn't cheap but in my experience is massively better than my one kid in publid.

Taxes based off of my salary direcly run the US economy. I would gladly pay more taxes if it went to teachers and officers. Because I'm in the middle class I don't feel I have a voice. When the options provided me to speak that voice and affect change are a self-centered Republican bafoon and a Democrat going senile while trying to please the extreme left it's hopeless.
Ronald 11 month s ago

The GOP is anti-education. Education makes people stronger and consequently, more liberal. Faith can only thrive where people don't know how to ask questions.
Mistake 11 month s ago
Ronald Ah, good! Finally a strong liberal with an education that can answer two questions I have!
1) From where did the elements that make up the universe originally come from? I know about the Big Bang - but mean before it exploded - where did the elements that made up that singularity come from?
2) How did inorganic matter become life, consume energy, and replicate? I know about the abiogenesis theory but there are so many unanswered questions there that we can safely conclude it’s not a viable theory.
Based on your liberal education in which you had the opportunity to ask the right questions I feel confident that you don’t simply have “faith” in the common scientific conjecture.
Thank you in advance.
Offer 11 month s ago
Ad Hominem arguments, like yours, are notoriously weak arguments in that they rely on the status of a person rather than Reason to win. In direct opposition to you, I suggest that you study history, namely that the person who theorized the Big Bang Theory is Georges Lemaître, a Catholic Priest. Interestingly enough, some atheists oppose the Big Bang Theory because Georges Lemaître being a Catholic Priest. In goodbye, let me quote Jewish Albert Einstein's response to the infamous statement from 100 German Scientists opposing him, "why 100? one would be enough."
King 11 month s ago

Clearly a passionate topic of discussion, wtg izi heart
Boston 11 month s ago
And this is what happens when you don't used color protecting soap to wash your tiger...
Allen 11 month s ago
Well! That's a book where I'll meticulously go through every page every day! With pleasure!
Judie 11 month s ago
#44 next week on Last Alaskans Heimo Korth discovers toilet paper in bulk
HUGE 11 month s ago
#11 That is the platform coming out of the Intercoastal Canal at Port Aransas, Tx. on its way to be launched off Louisiana.

#7 Fish fingers & custard?
2012 11 month s ago
#10. That Is NOT Jackfruit.
Vinson 11 month s ago
2012, nobody said it was. Read it again.
Alastair 11 month s ago
99- Heart disease
98- Diabetes
97- Bad haircut
96- Cardinals fan
95- Married to someone who is perfect
Alastair 11 month s ago
Was trying to figure out why someone would take a photo of a snowboard sitting on a cat-road.
Nib 11 month s ago
#27 I don’t get this one. Is it an American thing.
Nathan 11 month s ago

It's elf on a shelf. You hide this little elf around the house and tell your kids he flies home to santa every night to tell him if you've been bad or good. Some people set up "funny" scenes like this. He's grating the marshmallow man down into smaller chunks.
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