Rich 2 year s ago
Communism have already been tried.

Life is not better in north Korea.
Hiram 2 year s ago
Class warfare! Let's do it! Envy! Piss and moan! Never be content!
Hodge 2 year s ago
Bring on the flood of ill-informed comments from the uneducated Facebook users!
Ronald 2 year s ago

You say facebook but this lingering red scare is an uneducated American thing.
Ez 2 year s ago
Praxagora: I want all to have a share of everything and all property to be in common; there will no longer be either rich or poor; [...] I shall begin by making land, money, everything that is private property, common to all. [...]
Blepyrus: But who will till the soil?
Praxagora: The slaves.
(Aristophanes - Ecclesiazusae, 390 BC)

Certain work MUST be performed to have a society. If the person isn't getting paid for it, they're doing it at gunpoint.
Nat 2 year s ago

Thanks for that.

All we are due is Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (understood to be, "that which is good," when Mr. Jefferson wrote it). These people tone deaf and clueless perhaps, but they do see a real lack of Happiness, i.e., evil, in the world. Work won't fix that by itself. We need a change of perspective to face mortality and embrace the eternal, then we can bring more of the good into our lives and societies.
Pandora 2 year s ago
These idiots think that Socialism and communism is a more pleasant life. Do you think you should be paid for not producing anything? By whom? Who will pay you, and why should they? Also, I don't believe these sob stories that are posted randomly on the internet. Health care is not free, someone is paying for it. Guess how they are doing that....BY WORKING, YOU DOLT! Do they ever wonder why people flee communist countries, often risking their lives, so come to the "Hellhole" of America?
Magdelina 2 year s ago

Oh look, it is an ill-informed comment from the uneducated Facebook user!
Valerie 2 year s ago
Magdelina, Your ad hominem does nothing for your side except reinforce the fact that you reds begin with propaganda and end with death and slavery (as stated so succinctly above).
Fronia 2 year s ago

Death and slavery for all!
Billiewilhelm 2 year s ago
It sounds like you conflated 3 different systems. Communism, Socialism and Social Programs. They are all 3 vastly different things from one another. For example, with the exception of the US, industrial countries all have some form of Social Program for health care. It's not free, as you point out. It is however about 1/2 as expensive as in the US, everyone is covered, and the health care is generally better by most any metric (except the US does have considerably more plastic surgeons than other countries.)
Greenberry 2 year s ago
Billiewilhelm,Ah! More propaganda!
Brad 2 year s ago
OMG. What a bunch of Whiners. Life is not going to be Fair, Equal, or always enjoyable. Deal with what you have or die.
Fronia 2 year s ago

I think you mean deal with what you have AND die.
Suzie 2 year s ago
First-world problems...
What a bunch of whiners.
Bazaleel 2 year s ago
'Murica isn't to your liking? Move elsewhere, English is spoken by something like Half of the world - that will get you by at first, in few years time you will learn whatever local language and then you can enjoy Not quite so "cutthroat"-capitalistic life.

Swedenland for one - Any full time employment, as far as I know, is more than enough for everything one would want. Assuming you own your house/flat and not renting it for a ridiculous fee and property is cheap-er in smaller cities/villages.
Healthcare is free and there are caps on how much one pays out of pocket for things like prescription medicine (up to -90% price after 240-ish € per year).
Education (free for all, higher education is free for citizens) gets you physically less demanding job and/or job security not significantly more per month in terms of moneys.

Norway - same as Sweden only everything is slightly more expensive, but you also get higher wages, so you take a trip to Sweden for your monthly shopping.

Finland - same as Sweden only everything is cheaper, but you get lower wages, you do Not go to Russia for shopping, unless you are in market for cheap clear liquid anti-anxiety medication.

Denmark - same as Sweden but it is warmer and you can get great deals in Germany.

Germany - same as Denmark, you just take a trip into to Poland whenever you want good deal on non perishables and vacation in Sweden because cheap property in smaller villages and almost every population center has a german store (Lidl) in it.

Poland - same as Germany, only wages are lower so you take a trip to Ukraine.
Barbara 2 year s ago
and last but not least: no one gets out of here alive~!
Lexi 2 year s ago
I live 4 hour from work. All I do is drive
Ali 2 year s ago
Lexi, Some time ago I had something similar. I swore (and did) that I would get out of commutes that literally equaled a part time job. My ONE way commute to work each day was a walk to a bus, a bus transfer to a ferry, a mad DASH run from the ferry two another bus that took me to a bus station for my last bus ride to work.
20hrs minimum a week. Miss a buss or a ferry, add another 50 minutes to that one way commute.
Work To Life Balance: Not Found