Rosabella 5 month s ago
No one is this dumb... are they? 36
Di 5 month s ago
oh yes they can, i was sitting in a D&D reading (which i did a lot because it had the counter that's shaped like a horseshoe and i like sitting there) and this girl i became friendly with came in while i was reading, she sat two stool's over from me and started talking to me with her elbows on the counter and i could see right down her shirt, i mentioned it and after laughing and clutching her shirt closed she said "want to see more? lets go into the bathroom and ill show you" i thought she was just being a tease (she was serious and i told her to stop. at the time i was 35 and she was 19. later on her aunt came in and said i'd better be nice to her and after telling her "i'm nice to everyone" then it dawned on me what she was saying and i asked her "wait. is she attracted to me?" and her aunt said "you cant possibly be "THAT" stupid"

i told her "oh yes i can when it comes to getting clues from women if they like me"
even though her aunt was ok with the age difference and told me her sister was as well the 16 year age difference was too much for me and i took a pass.

been reading a lot of articles online about younger women being attracted to older men and why, there attracted to older guy because they're more mature and secure secure in their careers .

now that i think about it i should have gone for it but at the time i was more concerned about what others would think
Jasper 5 month s ago
Di, That's not that bad. The age difference would have made me not even consider the thought too.
Louis 5 month s ago
You can't really blame my fallen brothers. Normally the signals women expect you to figure out are like trying to speed read a blue print for the space shuttle that's been run through a paper shredder...twice. Then they act all surprised when Dudley stands there with a blankness to him, because he's been made to feel like everything he could potentially say to women will be wrong all his life.
Etta 5 month s ago
Ive had a few of these but dont regret any of them ( at least thats what o tell myself)
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