Iggy 1 year ago
#2 Sunday is by and far the worst day to be a server. They're the worst people to wait on, and they're even worse tippers.
Riche 1 year ago

Where you live perhaps. I used to do Sunday brunch with my brother. Always respectful and tipped accordingly. Servers are people just like the guests. Nothing different.
salamoon 1 year ago
#17 "last sentence+love justin"

seriously? how funny justin... poor, discriminating, brainwashed Justin.

unvaccinated does not automatically equal C19 sick.
but, dear Justin, you can get C19 and get other sick same as people you look down to.... you are not better, but worse. sm_80 i hope, that after 2 years of "pandemic", Justin finally knows that.

finally, the end of this hysteria is coming.
Sanford 1 year ago
You're a real douche, you know that? Could you be any more selfish and inconsiderate? You are literally the cause of all of this bullsh#t. If you and your idiot friends would just wear masks and get vaccinated, we wouldn't still be in this goddamn mess.
Get bent, you moronic @$$hole.
salamoon 1 year ago

dont go on me with that "ITS BECAUSE OF YOU!" media lingo BS... :)

- first of all, i wear masks. (in my country is FFP2 required) fact, that you automatically assume i don't wear a masks tells me a lot about you.....
- 10 months after the start of the "pandemic" i got c19 when there was no vaccines... i spend 1 week in bed with flu like problems (i didnt get flu in years)
- year after that, i spend 2 days in a car, with a positive colleague (not knowing that), and didnt get sick.
- i was in home quarantine both times, didnt spread it to others(second time i had nothing to spread).
- i need to make c19 test as a requirement when i visit doctors or going to work. (so im more controled than vaccinated. meanwhile vaccinated, but possitive doesnt need to do that....well, because of vaccine, which doesnt protect you from getting c19 :D)

- now tell me, WHY THE F im selfish?! 36
- because i didnt get vaccine (and didnt risk any side effect problems) i dont need?

Quote: Sanford
If you and your idiot friends would just wear masks and get vaccinated, we wouldn't still be in this goddamn mess.

- yeah, thats why Portugal with 94 percent, or Israel with 96 percent of vaccinated people keep having new cases in thousands per day... sm_80
Lucia 1 year ago
Why do people accept the mainstream narrative? Less than 15 minutes worth of research yields the facts: a) the jab doesn't prevent one from contracting the of the virus, b) the jab doesn't prevent one from spreading / shedding the virus to others. These facts hold true regardless of age. In these UnitedStates the government agencies doing research have only an, "Emergency Use Order" instead of Clinical Proof but the propaganda here is worse here than many of the freeer parts of the world...
Riche 1 year ago
My friend. Calm yourself. That is harsh language. Such hate. The world is so divided as of late and it needs to stop. Be more understanding. Research facts before spreading hate. Knowledge is power. Anger gets you nowhere.
Jock 1 year ago
#37 banana for scale lol
Nace 1 year ago
I worked in the food service industry for 9 years, but I (happily) got out in 2009. This really took me back. Unfortunately, it might also bring back the nightmares...
Nicodemus 1 year ago
#44 a) what's the difference between legumes and peas? My french is bad but legumes should be vegetables, in my world this includes peas^^

b) that's a whole bunch of allergies but you still can cook a good meal with those: you can use olive oil, pork, beef, chicken, all kinds of cole, vinegar, wine, asparagus (or does that count as legumes? How the f are legumes defined anyways in the US?), noodles, bread, Knödel etc pp

C) it's nice to carry a note around, other people would just tell the waiter and swell when he couldn't remember!
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