Saudi Arabia is not a country known for its liberal views when it comes to gambling. It is illegal in the land of the two holy mosques. However, there are claims that some online casinos offer their service to Saudis and other Arabs through an Arabic interface; one such casino even offers live dealer games. Although you can't play roulette or blackjack with real dealers and chips within the country's boundaries, playing roulette online might just be legal under certain circumstances:

         Daily wagers – If you're an expat worker who is paid a salary, then you could try your luck at casinos as long as it doesn't affect your performance at work. After all, most companies wouldn't want gamers or gamblers representing them since it could reflect poorly on the company's image.

         Tourists – There are no laws forbidding tourists to play online roulette or any other casino game. So, even though you just landed at King Abdul Aziz Airport, feel free to spin the wheel! Oh, and don't forget your toothbrush.

         Friends living abroad – If you have friends or family members living in another country, then they can definitely help you place bets at an online casino. However, make sure that the terms of the transaction are clear before anything is done. After all, it wouldn't do if someone gets sued because of a misunderstanding between both parties due to language barriers... especially if money is involved!

         Friends working abroad – If you have friends who are working in another country, then you'd be surprised to see that they can actually provide their bankroll for you to use. It's probably best to ask them when they're not busy or when they don't have deadlines coming up.

         Employer- Well, not every company will approve of this arrangement but if yours has owners or officials with a bit of foresight, then go ahead and gamble using the company's money! After all, it could end up being beneficial in one way or another… at least that's what the management might say.

         Friends getting married – Once again, make sure things are clear before anything is done since misunderstandings could lead to an argument. However, there are some people who would try to win as much as possible from their friends; we call them "sharks." They're probably best avoided.

         Couples – It's probably safe for a husband and wife to gamble together since they're not only spouses but also good friends. In fact, there are various ways couples can have fun at casinos without breaking any laws! Somehow, it just feels right that the two of you play roulette together. However, do remember this golden rule: don't bet your house or car on a single spin! I've seen many marriages fail because of gambling so stay away from wagering major assets if you want to keep your relationship going strong.

         Family – Yes, families can gamble together even though they're related by blood. So, bring your sister or cousin or whoever you want to play with you to the casino! There are no laws against it so you can have fun without worrying about anything... except for losing all your money of course.

         Friends – Playing online roulette with friends is possible but only if the stakes are kept small amidst a friendly atmosphere. However, never ever borrow money from friends unless there's an emergency or if it's a family member since that could lead to problems later on. Remember what happened in "It's A Wonderful Life"?

         Anyone who wants to take part in gambling activities – If this fits your description, then feel free to gamble at casinos! Just make sure that you know the rules and play safe since it is a game of luck and skill.

         Anyone who doesn't want to take part in gambling activities – If this also fits your description, then you probably don't need any of the information on this page! However, if you really want to find out more about online casinos and gambling in other countries as Japan or maybe place a bet or two at the casino online, then there are legal methods that allow people like you to get involved. You just have to be patient and follow my instructions carefully so that things go smoothly.

Can Tourists and Friends gambling in Saudi Arabia?