Tory 1 year ago
#23 must be based on average occupancy because it doesn't take 625 cars to move 1000 people.
Most cars can seat 4 or 5 so it would take 200-250 cars.
Deborah 1 year ago

Well, obviously. You just have to look at the occupants of cars on any random road and you generally see one or occasionally two people.
Corny 1 year ago

I guess it is the average number of person per car. But the for bus and train it's the max. amount of people who can fit in. Well, it's random "knowledge" found on the internet. You shouldn't take it to seriously or you end up beliving the earth is flat.
Deborah 1 year ago
Well, by your logic your comment is a random thing I found on the Internet which I'm not gonna take too seriously either then...
After all, I don't wanna end up believing every scientist lies about the damage our environment is undergoing and every politician and businessman is a liar that can't be trusted except Trump who is a politician,a businessman, a liar, and can't be trusted.
Jessica 1 year ago

Well, the "green" socialist lobby wants to drastically reduce the number of cars in the world - particularly in the US. Thus, the misleading graphic. BTW, the "green" movement is supported globally by Russian propagandists.
Deborah 1 year ago

Yes... Because if there's one thing Putin, and Russia in general, is known for, it's thinking about the environment...
See, this is just another example how you and yours, racists, homophobes, right wing conservatives and the like are usually the ones screaming " Fake news!" the most while actually you are the ones that spread it the most.
You know that Russia isn't exactly popular right now and anything from there will automatically be associated with that sentiment.
So now you come up with this ridiculous lie to make people hate caring about the environment.
Let's counter it with simple logic, shall we?
1. As I said before; Russia is obviously not trying to go green. Besides the fact I don't exactly see a lot of solar and wind farms there, they have huge stores of oil and gas they want to keep peddling which is actually one of the main concerns of Europe and the world with this war.
2. Yes, you are right that people want to reduce the amount of pollution in the world, and not just in America (which you only emphasized to create a sense like it was a sinister attack on America). But so what? No one is forcing you to give up your car or something. There is just the same trend that has existed for decades to make cars greener and that HAS already happened. The cars that you now drive are greener because of it. You can still drive. It's just continuing.
3. You make it seem like the green movement (which you put between parenthesis as if to say it's not actually green because of... reasons I guess) has some ulterior motive but you can't actually come up with one so you just allude to one. What exactly is the goal of this conspiracy?
4. Calling it a misleading infographic doesn't actually make it misleading.
What exactly is misleading here?
I'm not going to do the math, but even if the amounts of people in the different vehicles don't quite match up, it's obviously close enough to be true.
And sure, a single bus will probably polute more than a single car, but not more than 41.6 cars and one, two, or even three trains probably less than 15 busses which is all that's beind said here. Soooo, misleading how exactly?

In conclusion: You are in reality the one that is misleading here and an @$$hole for using the cowardly attacks on Ukraine and the aggression of Putin to push your own views on all of us.
Good job! You must be so proud of yourself!
Abiel 1 year ago
I didn't see in "Jessica's" comment that Russia is a big believer in the green movement. I believe the comment was aimed at anything that will weaken the U.S. on the world economic platform is a win for Russia. China, also would agree to that outcome.
Norbert 1 year ago
#9 is interesting, as a French I thought that everybody did like us - but apparently not at all :D
Ray 1 year ago

The fun thing about the French is, they always think their way is the only right way.
Just kidding, greetings from Germany heart
Cordelia 1 year ago
Yes Deborah, but if you are assuming full busses or trains, then you must assume full cars as well, no?

Or, see how many empty busses I see here in North Texas. All subsidized by the taxpayers who owns their own means of transportation. Thank God we can all choose for ourselves.
Deborah 1 year ago
Well, we don't live in a world where assumptions based on nothing are true, effectively eliminating all you smeg about why everything good for the environment is stupid and everyone not white or (fill your thing in here) like you is evil.
We can easily SEE what is true by, like I said, looking at cars on any random road (which are usually almost empty), and looking at public transport. (which are usually pretty much packed, especially at the times when people go to work and go home again.
Sooo, yeah...
The reason you see empty busses could have to do with your location or even when you happen to see them. If you see them on a route between two places few people go to in a rural area at 3 in the afternoon they are probably empty yeah.
I'll bet that there are enough places in Texas that are a bit more urban like any town or city bigger than your little podunk place where they are full.
And btw, you're not getting your tax money back if they stop the busses or something. The deal with tax money is that it goes to loads of different places to keep the country running and it benefits the most people and not just what you personally think is important.
Fact still remains that the cars take a lot more space AND are worse for the environment making them the best option.
And no one is forcing you to give up your precious car. Cars have advantages too.
You still have your right to choose just like you said like as if anyone is actually is trying to take it away from your paranoid @$$.
Ray 1 year ago
#7 can somebody explain why Denmark and Japan are black? And Austria and Turkey? And what about Australia? This map s#cks
Stu 1 year ago

Maybe they didn't have to win independance during the timeframe represented by the map?
Riche 1 year ago
#1 interesting that Slovakia put a target mark on their helmets.
California 1 year ago

The sun helmets are nice.
Cordelia 1 year ago
Yes Deborah, but if you are assuming full busses or trains, then you must assume full cars as well, no?

Or, see how many empty busses I see here in North Texas. All subsidized by the taxpayers who owns their own means of transportation. Thank God we can all choose for ourselves.
Missy 1 year ago
#3 one of the dumbest charts ever. No order, no soze indicating anything. Almost useless
Hepsibah 1 year ago
Cripes! Deborah is off her leash again!
Deborah 1 year ago

And no one seems to be able to collar me with intelligent arguments or counter my points. dirol
Winnifred 1 year ago

Naw. It's that no one really gives two sh!ts about that or you.
Deborah 1 year ago

I always love it when a load of people try so hard to win but they can't actually refute any of my points and arguments and then go "Well, I wasn't actually interested in winning anyway".
If no one gives two shits about what I say, why the many feeble replies then? Why did you reply? But I guess you'll not be able to counter that one either...
Ray 1 year ago

You go Deborah 41
Deborah 1 year ago

Thanks, babe!
Suzanne 1 year ago
#12 what is the y-axis? age groups?
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