Deborah 2 year s ago
At least a few like staring at people or eating wild mushrooms goes for every country and are just common sense.
Demaris 2 year s ago
I eat wild mushrooms. Went already at say five years old harvesting it together with my grandmother. In
our village (in Belgium) I'm together with an older man doing that (I'm 62). I even bought a drying oven to keep them...
Deborah 2 year s ago

Well, if you're an expert that really learned what's what, it's fine I suppose.
But mushrooms that are safe and the poisonous ones can look very much alike even with a guidebook. So for amateurs I wouldn't recommend it.
Ray 2 year s ago
No unwritten safety rules for schools?
I'm sorry to bring this up, but guys, seriously, do something about it!
Midge 2 year s ago
No, U. im perfectly fine. i survived Columbine, Sandy Hook and now Uvalde. I've also survived that one year of Obama's presidency with a record number of 365 school shootings in One Year! Such an amazing time.
gotta go and check the high score list now. that kid cheated and played easy mode.
Wash 2 year s ago
This is probably worldwide. DON'T FEED THE DAMN SEAGULLS!! dash
Drives my crazy when I go to the beach and somebody starts throwing potato chips at them!
Lolly 2 year s ago
#4 Keep your hands on the steering wheel where they can see them, and don't reach for your insurance until they ask you to. They'll be less apprehensive and therefore friendlier (if only a little.)
This is especially true if they sit in their car a while. They're either waiting on info from dispatch, or there's something about you or the car that needs checking (tag/ prior arrest record, etc.)
Margery 2 year s ago
When in Los Angeles don't ever fart in an elevator and then say "It smells like popcorn in here."
James 2 year s ago
One of the two classic blunders: Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
Only slightly less well known: Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
Hiel 2 year s ago
dear "REST OF THE WORLD", something to keep in mind when you visit the "United States", we are a united country made up of 50 individual states and each state has their own laws and tax codes separate from other states, for instance.

if you go to a grocery store in Massachusetts and buy food there is a "sales tax" when you pay
in New Hampshire there is no sales tax on food or anything else because New Hampshire is a tax free state unless you buy "prepared food" at a restaurant in which case you'll be paying a tax on the "prepared food"

this is just one of many differences in each state, so something you have to pay the state for in one state for you might not necessarily have to pay for in another state

another difference, New Hampshire is an "Open Carry" state, this means you can walk around with a firearm clearly in view of the public and you are not breaking the law, in fact you can buy a gun in NH and the police don't need to know about it if its for home defense, so you can walk into a gun shop in NH, provide proof that you are a resident and when you pass the federal background check walk out of the store and go home with gun and ammo, you do need a conceal carry permit to conceal carry in the state and the police have 2 weeks to issue it and if they don't they had better have a damn good reason for denying you, New Hampshire understands what "shall not be infringed" means

in Vermont (Bernie Sanders state) the Vermont constitution mirrors the US constitution regarding firearms and the only thing you need to purchase a firearm in Vermont is proof of Vermont residency (your Vermont drivers license)

also remember, Vermont and New Hampshire have very low gun related crimes and id say about 80% of the residents are armed
Lan 2 year s ago

How odd that two states where rich people live have fewer problems than the ones where people are less well-off. It's almost like there are economic pressures, reduced access to mental health providers, gang influences, and other factors that contribute to gun crimes.

Socioeconomic pressures are the motive. Guns are the means.

How many states have mass knifings? Reckon a man with a switchblade could take out 19 people in a school while police watched?
Hiel 2 year s ago
#10 ""Do NOT go into the wilderness unprepared. If a trail says 2 miles and 2000′ of elevation gain, that’s not a nature walk."
same is true if the sign says "Downtown (insert liberal run city here). read it as "very dangerous, attack by urban animals almost assured" belay

"Raccoons are cute… but from a distance."


Americans Share Unspoken American Rules