It is true. A picture is worth 1000 words. Take memes an example. You can see a meme online and relate with it at a personal level. The image doesn’t need to have a caption.

A good make can make you laugh. It can invoke deep memories. It could even make you sob as you remember something you’ve experienced. In light of that information, this article is all about memes, casino memes to be specific.

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1—It’s not a Problem if you’re awesome at it


Far too many people try to dismiss casino gaming for the sheer fact that it involves risking your money. Fortunately, you now have a good response to such people thanks from Barney Simpson—a character from the hit show, How I Met Your Mother.

In one episode of the show, Barney is talking to his friend Ted Mosby about how Barney’s boss has been laundering money. Ted then tells his friend to focus on his gambling problems and leave his boss’ problems alone.

Barney then responds by saying a now famous quote, “It’s not a problem if you’re awesome at it.” Barney was kind of right. Gambling isn’t a problem to those who make profits from it.

The 10 Funniest Casino Memes of all Time