Nole 2 month s ago
High quality people ITT.
Alfy 2 month s ago
#5 100k to call off a wedding? Now that's the kind of almost-father-in-law I could have used!
Deborah 2 month s ago

This is probably why you'll never have one.._
Magdelina 2 month s ago
Some of these are funny, not necessarily bad.
Gail 2 month s ago
I was getting married and had 4 groomsmen. My best man ended our friendship of 20 years over nothing a couple weeks before the wedding, next GM in line stayed on my couch for two weeks to make it to the wedding. Day before he left town and I didn't see him again for 3 years. The 3rd in line, car broke down day before the wedding couldn't get to the state. 4 and final GM just stopped responding to me like 2 weeks before the wedding so I couldn't schedule the time to go get him.

Every invite I sent our got denied. Aside from my.mom and 4 sisters and their SO's nobody was there to see me get married.

Two of my sisters and some guy I didn't know who fit the best man's tux filled in.

Since my.sister was my best man I asked her to just do the speeches quick so I could be done standing in the spotlight for the night. We got al the champagne ready for everyone and set on a table. She asked everyone to get a glass for the toasts or wait for someone to bring them around and.... the person renting the venue dumped out 50 full glasses of it.

My sister also forgot her camera for the wedding photod she agreed to do and had to used her iPhone, I was going to make a layered cake but my wife's aunt offered to make it instead. It was a small, one layer chocolate cake with our names on it more like a box made cake for a 2yr Olds birthday.

To top it all off we're not religious so we had a friend get ordained so he could do it, but when we went to get the marriage certificate the clerk told us even though he was ordained bc he didn't have a congregation it wouldn't count and he could sign the wedding docs but it would have no legal recourse. With less than a week before the wedding we couldn't find anyone legal to do it. So we had a wedding but still aren't married.

It was the best day if my life and I love my wife more than anything, but it was the single most disappointing, embarrassing day of my life, standing up their announcing to the world my devotion and love to my wife and knowing that there wasn't really anyone there I cared about to share it with other than my handful of blood relatives
Nole 2 month s ago
Gail, Bro, don’t ever tell anyone that story. That’s one of those stories you just keep to yourself and hope know one ever finds out. Every one that hears (or reads) is going to assume it’s YOU that has issues.

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