Johnny 5 month s ago
Here's one that the FAs won't tell you - when you store your bag under the seat in front of you it's literally sitting in urine. It's common for people to use the restroom right before take off - and with men - the urinals often have urine on the surrounding floor that we step in (gross but often unavoidable). So we track that back to the plane and you put your bag there. Just remember your bag is not clean when you take it back to your house.
Loren 5 month s ago
3 dings means ready for take-off, not "get read to meet your maker".... :-D
Lyddy 5 month s ago
#3 I don't believe a word of this one.
Woody 4 month s ago
Remeber to check the weather wherever you will be flying, above 80F animals should not be traveled with because they can overheat in the plane cargo, while the cold temps will freeze any liquids you have in your checked luggage. Plus the pressure loss can cause delocate pressurized items to break, so not all snoglobe souveneirs survive.

"I'm a flightattendant.

I'm in this job for about nine years now and worked for two mayor german airlines. Over the years I recognized that many passengers don't know why they have to do the things we are telling them.

Why do I have to open the windowshades for takeoff and landing?

-because during the flight we (the FA) are inside the cabin almost the whole time and we are aware of what is happening outside. But during takeoff and landing we have to sit on our jumpseats and are not able to see whats going on outside. So, if for example an enginefire occurs, we are related to the passengers telling us.

Why do I have to fold away my traytable and have to bring my seat in an upright position?

- because in case of an emergencylanding you or the passenger sitting behind you would not be able to take your/his bracingposition correctly

Why are the FA's dimming the cabinlight for takeoff and landing when it's dark outside?

- in case of an evacuation you have to leave the plane quite quick. If the light in the cabin would be bright, and you leave the plane during night, you would be blinded by the darkness. So we're dimming the light inside that your eyes are able to get accustomed to the darkness.

These are questions I hear almost every week. I hope I was able to lighten up some things for you guys."


Flight Attendants Reveal Their Industry Secrets